Security Check

Before boarding, passengers and their baggage must go through security check. Special passengers such as unaccompanied children, disabled and sick passengers, pregnant women, the blind, the deaf and criminals cannot be accepted for carriage unless they have met certain requirements and obtained China Southern Airlines’ approval and arrangements have been made for them in advance. Passengers with infectious diseases, mentally disorders or severe diseases that may endanger themselves or other passengers will not be accepted for carriage. According to our nation’s relevant laws, China Southern Airlines reserves the right to reject the passengers who cannot board and the tickets will be refunded as voluntary refunds. Followings are the specific rules for carry-on baggage.

The items that are prohibited to bring on-board in carry-on or checked baggage are as follows:

* Guns, ordnance or police apparatus (including major parts) which include:
- Military guns and guns used for the discharge of official duties: guns, rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, riot guns and etc..
- Civilian guns: air guns, shot guns, sporting guns, anesthetic injection guns, starting guns and etc..
- Other guns: sample guns, prop guns and etc..
- Ordnance, police apparatus: batons, military or police daggers, bayonets and etc..
- Guns and apparatus prohibited by law: ball guns, tear guns, stun guns, defibrillators, defense devices and etc..
- Imitations of the above.

* Explosives which include:
- Ammunition: bombs, grenades, flares, incendiary bombs, smoke bombs, signal flares, tear gas, gas bombs, bullets (blanks, fighting bombs, test bombs, practice bombs) and etc..
- Explosive materials: explosives, detonators, fuses, detonating cords, non-electric blasting systems, blasting agents and etc..
- Pyrotechnic products: shells, fireworks, firecrackers and etc..
- Imitation of the above.

* Controlled knives:
- The knives listed in the Temporary Provisions of Carrying out Control for Part of Knives approved by the State Council in 1983 and promulgated by the Ministry of Public Security, which include daggers, three-square knives (including striking knives for mechanical processing), knives with self-locking device, single-edged and double-edged knives that look like daggers but longer than daggers, as well as other similar single-blade, double-edged and three-square knives and etc..

* Flammable and explosive items, including:
- Compressed gases such as, hydrogen, oxygen, butane cylinders, liquefied gases; spontaneous; combustible materials such as phosphorus, white phosphorus, Nitrocellulose (including film), oilpaper and its products;
- Materials that are dangerous when wet like potassium, sodium, lithium, calcium carbide, Mg-Al powders and etc.;
- Flammable liquid like, gasoline, kerosene, diesel, benzene, ethanol (alcohol), paint, thinner, rosin oil and etc.;
- Flammable solids such as flash powder, solid alcohol, celluloid and etc.;
-  Various inorganic and organic oxidants such as sodium peroxide, potassium hydroxide, lead peroxide, peracetic acid and etc.

* Toxic chemicals:
- Hypertoxic including cyanide, pesticides and etc..

* Corrosive substances: sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, liquid batteries, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and etc..

* Radioactive substances: radioactive substances such as radioisotopes.

* Other items that endanger the safety of flights:
- such as strong magnetic materials and items that have a strong irritating smell that may disrupt the normal functioning of the various instruments on aircraft.

* Other items that are prohibited from carrying and transporting by laws and regulations.

* China has lifted the restrictions on normal lighters carried by passengers leaving for US , but torch lighters are still prohibited because its flame flares and can reach 2500℃ in a short time which is a big threat to flight safety. Therefore, passengers are not allowed to carry torch lighters on board.

The items that are prohibited to bring on-board in carry-on baggage but can be carried in checked baggage are as follows:

* According to Civil Aviation Administration of China’s Decree No.85 - Safety Inspection Rules for China's Civil Aviation (CCAR-339SB):

-Items that are prohibited to bring on-board in carry-on baggage but can be carried in checked baggage are as follows:
Besides the items stipulated in Annex I, other knives for civil use that could endanger aviation safety such as kitchen knives, shears, big fruit knives, razors, professional cutting tools like scalpels, butcher knives, gravers, tools for performances like spears, swords, halberds, and axes, hammers, cones, heavy canes or canes with spikes, alpenstocks and other sharp and blunt apparatus that could endanger aviation safety.

Valid ID Certificates for Boarding (what should you do if you lose your ID card)

The check points of airport will check the valid ID certificates, air tickets and boarding passes for passengers of domestic flight. Valid ID certificates include:

Resident identification cards, temporary identification cards, military IDs, armed police IDs, solder’s card, ID cards for military school’s students, military civilian cadres cards, military retired cadres cards, and army staff cards for Chinese passengers; travel documents for Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan residents; passports, travel permits, diplomat cards and etc. for foreign passengers; other valid identification certificated stipulated by Civil Aviation Administration of China. Juveniles under 16 years old can present their student’s ID cards, residence booklets or the identification documents issued by local public security bureau.

Passengers who lost their valid ID certificates can get through the security check with temporary ID documents issued by local police stations. If a passenger’s ID certificates are stolen or lost outside of his or her registered permanent residence, he or she can get onboard with a temporary ID certificate issued by the public security organ of the place where the ID certificates are stolen or lost (local public security organs). Note: the temporary ID certificates should be attached with a recent photo of the person, and stamped by household registration seals with an indication of their validity period. Passengers with temporary ID certificates for civil aviation transportation issued by the public security organs of civil aviation can get on-board within the validity period of the certificates. China Southern Airlines will not allow passengers with a copy of ID card, fake or altered certificates, and infringed certificates to board and will transfer them to the public security organ of civil aviation.

Dangerous Articles

It is illegal and very dangerous to carry dangerous articles on-board or in checked baggage, which include:
* Aerosol - polishes, waxes, detergents, cleaning agents and etc.;
* Corrosive substances - acids, cleaners, wet button batteries and etc.;
* Combustible materials - paints, thinners, flammable liquids, liquid storage lighters, cleaners, adhesive materials, portable stoves, portable gas fixture with fuel and etc.;
* Explosive materials - fireworks, flares, signal devices, loaded ammunition, gunpowder and etc. (small weapons for personal use after special design and package can be transported in checked baggage, but cannot be carried on-board.);
* Radioactive substances - X-ray telescopes, radiopharmaceuticals, pacemakers not implanted and etc.;
* Compressed gas - tear gas, protective sprays, oxygen cylinders, fuel tank(unless it’s empty) and etc.;
* Infectious substances - vaccines, animal viruses and etc.;
* Toxic substances - sodoku and etc.;

If passengers have to carry above articles, they can negotiate with China Southern Airlines cargo division and see if special arrangement can be made for them.

Liquids are restricted to be carry on-board civil aircrafts

* Passengers of domestic flights are prohibited to carry liquids but the liquids can be transported in checked baggage with a special packaging conforming to certain rules of civil aviation transportation. Each passenger is only allowed to carry one piece of cosmetics whose volume shall not exceed 100ml and it should be put in an individual bag ready to be opened for security check. Passengers with a baby can apply for free in-flight liquid dairy products when booking the tickets; Necessary liquid medicines carried by diabetic passengers or passengers with other diseases shall be checked and confirmed and then kept by cabin crew. Foreign passengers who need to transfer to domestic flights in China should put the duty-free liquids in an undamaged, sealed and transparent plastic bag and present the shopping evidences for security check.

*Each passenger of international flights and regional flights is allowed to carry liquids with a volume of 100ml; passengers of international flights and regional flights departing from Chinese airports can carry liquids with an individual volume not exceeding 100ml. Containers for liquids should be put in a transparent plastic bag which can be re-sealed with a volume not exceeding 1L. Each passenger is only allowed to carry one plastic bag, and extra bags shall be put in checked baggage. Plastic bags containing liquids shall be inspected individually. Passengers of international and regional flights departing from Chinese airports and transferring at foreign airports should keep shopping evidence for security check if they buy liquids in duty-free shops of the terminals or on aircrafts. The bought liquids should be put in a sealed transparent plastic bag and cannot be opened or sealed by passengers themselves.。Passengers shall obey the rules pertaining to carry-on duty-free liquid goods of foreign airports as well. This article applies to passengers departing from foreign airports and transferring to international and regional flights in China with carry-on liquid goods. The carry-on duty-free liquids shall be sealed in undamaged, sealed and transparent plastic bags and they shall present shopping evidences for security check.

Do I Must Go through Security Check? Do My Baggage and Free Carry-on Articles Need to Go through Security Check? 

Before boarding, passengers and their baggage and free carry-on articles must go through security check.

Whom Should I Contact If I Wish to Carry My Weapons to My Destination?

To ensure the safety of people’s life and property, in China, weapons and some knives are strictly controlled by law, therefor they are prohibited to bring on-board. If you still have enquiries, please call our customer service hotline 95539.

Can I Go through Security Check Directly If I Have a Mobile Boarding Pass?

Yes, if you only have carry-on baggage, then you can proceed to the check point directly. But if you have baggage need to be checked, then you should go check in your baggage.