Lounge Access and Relevant Information

1.Regardless of the class category, any SkyTeam Elite Plus member on (or transferred from) international flights operated by a SkyTeam airline (during the day) is eligible to the lounge services and can also invite a partner (on the same flight) to the lounge;
2.During a peak season, however, the lounge access will be limited. Any SkyTeam Elite Plus member will be required to show his or her membership card before entering the exclusive lounge.
3. First class/business class travelers on (or transferred from) an international flight operated by a SkyTeam Alliance airline, have the right to enter the first class/business class lounge.
4. In entering the first class/business class lounge, travelers are required to show their boarding pass.
5. China Southern Airlines provides VIP lounge services to SkyTeam Elite Plus members (gold card members of Sky Pearl Club) and silver card members of Sky Pearl Club only in the airports operated by China Southern Airlines or those which have signed agreements on first class/business class lounge services with China Southern Airlines.

Lounge Location

The 24/7 lounge is located on B1. After the security check, travelers turn to left, go down and can find it.

Lounge Amenities

International call;
beverages and refreshments;
Wheelchair service;

Lounge Overview

Cold drinks/wines: 3-5 options for first class and business class travelers;
Hot drinks: fine coffee, boiled water and tea for travelers;
Self-service food: delicious nuts and cookies for travelers;
Delicious cold food such as sandwich, in quality guarantee period;
Delicious hot food such as refreshment and porridge, in quality guarantee period;
Magazines: no less than 3 selections of business magazine; no less than 3 types of entertainment magazine; 1-2 types of in-flight magazines; WIFI: free and fast WIFI internet access; and more than 4 computers with internet access;
Communication equipment: easy-to-use quality phones and fax machines; other business equipment such as printer, scanner and bookbinder; TV sets with good signals, clear images and moderate volume;
The lounge also provides: (1) boarding time notification; (2) baggage depository; (3) direction of bathroom; (4) smoking area and lounge chair;(5) computers and WIFI internet access; and(6) B/F services.

Opening Hours

The lounge opens from 6:30 am to the last departing flight.