Shanghai Pudong

Lounge Access and Relevant Information

1.Important passengers fulfilling the access qualifications;
2.Passengers of first class and business class (Note 1);
3.Passengers of Sky Pearl Club gold and silver card (Note 2);
4.Passengers of SkyTeam member airlines, meeting the following access conditions (Note 3).

Note 1: Only for passengers traveling on China Southern Airlines flights;

Note 2:No matter what class of cabin to ride in, Sky Pearl gold card members can bring along an accompanying person (who must travel with a China Southern Airlines flight on the same day) to enter the Sky Pearl lounge; Sky Pearl silver card members, when traveling with China Southern Airlines flights, are only permitted to enter the Sky Pearl lounge personally.

Note 3:

(1) This privilege is suitable for that very day passengers transfer from/to international flights of SkyTeam member airlines; regardless of class of travel, ELITE PLUS members can enter, only if they show SkyTeam airlines international flight tickets for the day and effective ELITE PLUS membership cards (transferring within 24 hours). ELITE PLUS members may bring along an accompanying person; the accompanying person must occur simultaneously with ELITE PLUS members, and must travel with the SkyTeam-operated flights that very day, but it is not necessary for them to take the same flight.
(2) All passengers traveling in first class or business class cabin of SkyTeam member airlines international flights, on that very day they ride on or transfer to China Southern Airlines flights, can use our exclusive lounges, only if they show SkyTeam airlines international flight (first class or business class) tickets for the same day

Lounge Location

No. 70 lounge of domestic departure level of Pudong International Airport T2 terminal, with its entrance near the boarding gate C67

Lounge Amenities

baggage storage;
Massage chair;
Children's area;
Wireless network;
Wheelchair service;
Hot meals;

Lounge Overview

Sky Pearl VIP lounge is a VIP lounge established in the Pudong International Airport T2 terminal. It is located near No. C67 boarding gate in the domestic departure level, and is the airport No. 70 lounge. Now it occupies 450 square meters, providing our valued passengers with high quality service. In the lounge, we offer passengers wireless Internet access, dining, reading, baggage storage, boarding reminder and other services.
Independent space:
We specifically set up a separate VIP rest room for important travelers, to ensure privacy of important travelers. Convenient Internet access
In our lounge, you can choose to use a desktop or laptop computer for Internet access; high-speed broadband Internet connection facilitates your web surfing, and wireless network setup allows you to easily carry out operations in the lounge.
A variety of dining options:
In the lounge, we specifically set up a buffet dining bar for you, with a variety of beverages, drinks and snacks for you to choose; every day, during three meals, we also provide you with delicious hot food and light refreshments, so that you can taste delicacies.
Reading room:
In the lounge, we have prepared for you Chinese and English newspapers, and various magazines (financial, fashion, art ... ... ), letting you have a pleasant leisure time in the lounge.
Children's area:
We specifically create a recreation area for passengers' children coming to the lounge, where your children can spend a wonderful time.
If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact with the service personnel, and we would like to serve you.

Opening Hours

6 o'clock every morning to the time all scheduled flights have left