Lounge Access and Relevant Information

1.Sky Pearl VIP Lounge of China Southern Airlines
2.First class travelers
3.Business class travelers
4.Sky Pearl Gold Card members of China Southern Airlines
5.Sky Pearl Silver Card members of China Southern Airlines

Lounge Location

Domestic lounge: equipped with an exclusive security-check passage (to be put into operation from September), you can find it when go upstairs by the escalator opposite to No.2 gate in the Departure hall (with clear guiding signs); or

enter through airport security-check passage, turn right, and then go upstairs by the escalator opposite to No.14 boarding gate.

International lounge: Enter through security-check passage, turn right and then you will find it (with an obvious sign) right across No.23 boarding gate.

International Lounge:
just beside the No.1 boarding gate (in August, a new departure terminal will be finished and the lounge remains to be decided)

Lounge Amenities

Local call;
Fax machine;
Mobile phone chargers;
Massage armchairs;
Lounge chairs;
Wireless internet access;
Computer devices;
Cold/Hot drinks;
Cold/Hold food/refreshments;

Lounge Overview

CZ's domestic lounges are located on the third floor within the area of isolation, and you can enter through CZ's exclusive security-check passage (with clear guiding signs). With a total area of 800 square meters, there are 3 lounges: a lounge for First Class or Business Class passengers, a lounge for passengers with Sky Pearl card and an exclusive lounge for VIP passengers. According to the international standard, the lounge area is divided into film area, mother and infant area, children area, shower cubicle, reading area, sleep area as well as performance stage for tea art. More than dozens of varieties of food are served. Over ten types of hot dishes and soup are offered.

Opening Hours

Domestic Lounge:
opens from 5:30 am to the departure of the last domestic departing flight of CZ;
International Lounge: opens from 6:30 am to the last international flight of China Southern Airlines, and only for international flights.