The First/Business Class Lounge of Chaoshan Airport boasts its design concept of “modernity, simplicity, comfort and brightness” and integrates Chaoshan elements in the modern style as decoration. Fitted according to the Skytrax 5-star standards, the Lounge is dedicated to creating an environment representing the brand image of China Southern Airlines and local cultural characteristics.

The VIP Lounge is located in the international departure area and the domestic departure area, covering a total area of 700 m2. In terms of functions, the lounge is divided into three parts for first/business class passengers, gold/silver members and VIP guests respectively, with 108 seats available in total. The capacity of the areas for first/business class passengers, members and VIP guests are 44, 52 and 12 respectively. Apart from separate spaces for different areas, the Lounge focuses on the overall planning of service facilities. There are separate food processing room, baggage storage room, business room, massage room, VIP sleeping room and bady care room. Compared with the 140 m2 lounge in the old airport, this Lounge in the new airport will give a brand new feeling to first/business class passengers.

Meticulous premium services

Exquisite decoration with Skytrax 5-star standards

Fashion design concept of modernity, simplicity, comfort and brightness

Various beverage and snacks to meet passengers’ needs