Starting May 1, 2016, China Southern Airlines will provide inflight Wi-Fi service so that
you can stay online and travel happily. After successful application, you can experience
our RMB 258 worth of inflight Wi-Fi service for free.
  China Southern Airlines provides the trial run of inflight Wi-Fi services on below flights and will gradually expand
the trial run to more routes and flights depending upon the situation. The notices on website, WeChat account and application shall prevail.
Domestic Guangzhou-Beijing CZ3105 26/03/2017-28/10/2017
Beijing-Guangzhou CZ3112
International Guangzhou-Sydney CZ301/CZ325
Sydney-Guangzhou CZ302/CZ326
Guangzhou-Melbourne CZ321/CZ343
Melbourne-Guangzhou CZ322/CZ344
Beijing-Amsterdam CZ345
Amsterdam-Beijing CZ346
  First and Business class passengers to take the above-mentioned flights can experience the services for free without applying. Economy class passengers can apply to experience the services for free through our website, WeChat or APP. For each flight, only the first 10 passengers to apply can experience the service, so your application is subject to availability.
  • Tips:
  • 1、Submit your application 24 hours before flight departure.
  • 2、In accordance with the regulations of the CAAC, mobile phones must be turned off throughout the flight. Please
          bring your laptop or tablet PC with the Wi-Fi function.
  • 3、The complimentary Wi-Fi service is still in trial operation. Due to some unpredictable circumstances, including but
          not limited to aircraft adjustment,equipment maintenance,system upgrading,and equipment compatibility,etc., the
          inflight Wi-Fi maybe out of service. Please check the most updated information prior to your booked flights. China
          Southern Airlines assumes no liability for noticing or compensation.
  • 4、The inflight Wi-Fi connection is empowered by satellites, and it may suffer interruption because of the weather,
         plane location, flying over the polar region or satellite beam switching. China Southern Airlines assumes no liability
          for any data loss, delay or error during the use of the inflight Wi-Fi service.For more information, please refer to
         theGuidelines of China Southern Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi Service.