Pre-flight Preparations

Bring your devices

Login personal account

Update software

In accordance with the regulations
of CAAC, mobile phone must be
turned off throughout the flight.
Please bring laptop or tablet PC
with the Wi-Fi function.

Some applications (e.g. WeChat and QQ)
may require SMS or QR code verification
when you login via different devices. We
suggest you complete the verification and
login before boarding.

Please download or update the
operating system and browser
before boarding to ensure the
best experience when you get
access to our portal.

Three Simple Steps to Get Internet Access

Turn on your Wi-Fi enabled devices ,connect to "CSAIR" network.

Tech Tip:
The Wi-Fi service will be available when the flight
altitude is over 10,000 feet (3,000 meters), and will
be disabled automatically once below this altitude.

Launch your browser, enter any URL or to be directed to our portal.

Enter the personal verification information to connect to the internet.