Economy Class

Savor selected delicious meals. Are you tired of the mundane and ordinary airline cuisine? China Southern Airlines (CSAIR) caters to passengers' food preferences and nutritional needs by offering a special meal combining Cantonese cuisine with regional specialties, providing a unique dining experience.

Featured Food

• Salt Baked Chicken Rice with Green Onion and Ginger Sauce: Made with ingredients such as ginger, green onion, cooking wine, and chicken, this dish is uniquely prepared, boasting a flavorful and aromatic taste, tender meat, and an irresistible appeal.

• Fried Beef Rice: With beef, green and red peppers, and other ingredients, this dish has a rich aroma and a delightful and enticing flavor.

• Hainan Chicken Rice: This dish is prepared using the local Wenchang technique for white-cut chicken, accompanied by chicken oil-infused rice, commonly referred to as Wenchang Chicken Oil Rice in the local cuisine of Hainan.

• Fried Pork Rice with Potherb Mustard: Potherb mustard rich in nutrition is pickled to achieve a crispy and flavorful texture. With a refreshing crunch and hint of tanginess, it pairs perfectly with minced meat, creating a harmonious and delicious combination.

To meet your special needs, CSAIR will gradually offer a variety of signature meals, allowing passengers from different regions to savor unique flavors.

*The featured products are only available on some flights; the actual meals provided on the flight shall prevail.