CZ8354 CGK-SZX Flight Travel Requirement

Dear passengers:

In order to ensure the health and safety of international travel and reduce the risk of cross-border spread of the COVID19, The flights of CZ8354 Jakarta-Shenzhen will start to carried out pre-flight test in accordance with the new regulations of the “Notice on Adjusting the Requirements for Applying Health Codes for People to China” [“关于调整赴华人员申领健康码要求的通知”] issued by the Embassy on August 27th. The pre-flight test and prevention management for China Southern Airlines’ flights departing from Jakarta are now updated accordingly, as follows:

Pre-flight Test Arrangements (Local Time)

1.The First PCR Test and Serology Antibody Blood Test (D-7)

1) Passengers must participate the first PCR test and Serology Antibody Blood test at SOS Medika Klinik Cipete 7 days before departure from 07:00-11:00 am (the first official test report), test location: SOS Medika office building parking lot).

2.The Second PCR Nucleic Acid and Serology Antibody Blood Test plus one additional PCR test (D-2)

1) Passengers who passed the qualification on the first test must participate the second PCR test and Serology Antibody Blood test at MEDISTRA HOSPITAL 2 days before from 07:30-11:00 am (the second official test report), test location: Wisma Aldiron drive-thru. At the same time, one additional PCR test will be added during the second test (as reference for the third test result), the additional test will use different PCR testing equipment and reagents to run the samples.

3. Relevant Important Notice

The first and second official test reports will be sent directly to passengers by the respective hospitals and also reported to the China Embassy and China Southern Airlines as a basis for verification of green code application and on-site check-in information; The additional PCR nucleic acid test results will be controlled by China Southern Airlines and will be provided to relevant passengers when needed.

Prevention Management for Passengers Before Flight

Passengers are requested to strictly follow the latest regulations issued by the Embassy to conduct prevention management before the flight. Any violation will be deemed to have automatically invalid flight qualifications.

1.Pre-Flight Prevention Management for the Local Resident/Foreigners Resident in Indonesia

Passengers going to China with business purposes (business travelers) must undergo quarantine for 21 days before departure and during the time must take the PCR test as mentioned above. Other passengers going to China are following the PCR test as mentioned above and have to do self-quarantine after the test. Otherwise, passengers who do not meet self-quarantine conditions can choose the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta, Shangri-La Hotel or Swiss?tel Jakarta PIK Avenue designated by China Southern Airlines for quarantine prevention management. During the period of these arrangements, all passengers need to conduct self-health monitoring and complete the "Self-Monitoring for Health Condition Form" [自我健康检测表] .

2.Designated Hotels for Business Travelers and Seamen Crew Who Have Temporary Entry in Indonesia

Business travelers and Seamen crew who travel back and forth to/from China and Indonesia within the last 60 days (including) must undergo the quarantine at one of designated hotel by China Southern Airlines for 6 days before departure from Jakarta. The passengers concerned can choose the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta, Shangri-La Hotel or Swiss?tel Jakarta PIK Avenue.

3.In addition, for individual special passengers and some corporate customers, quarantine arrangements will be made at the above-mentioned designated isolated hotels when needed.

4.During the prevention management of passengers in designated hotels, passengers need to book the hotel by themselves, self-isolate and do self-prevention protection. Passengers who did the quarantine at one of designated hotels, need to present the check-in receipt of the designated hotel for the last 6 days at the Jakarta airport check-in counter to complete the check-in procedure. Costs during the quarantine period at the designated hotel will be borne by the passengers themselves. Passengers can check-out and leave at any time according to their own arrangements during the quarantine period of the designated hotel, but China Southern Airlines will regard it as a waiver of flight eligibility and unqualified to get on board.

5.All Representative Companies in Indonesia must take on the important responsibility of their employees’ pre-flight prevention management, and strictly carry out any relevant management arrangements. If an employee of the company has a positive PCR test after entering the country, China Southern Airlines will suspend service of the corresponding company’s flights departing from Jakarta for 2-4 weeks.

Test Result Requirement

1.PCR test requirement:

If one of the test results present positive/inconclusive result, passenger is not qualified for the flight.

2.Serology IgM, IgG requirement:

For IgM results must present under 3.0 (have vaccinated within 6 months), and under 1.0 (have vaccinated over 6 months).

For IgG results must present under 5.0

For passangers who are not qualified as requirement above, should change their itinerary (reschedule/refund ticket).

Other Information

Test Location:

1.SOS Medika Cipete, Location:Jl. Puri Sakti No.10, Cipete Selatan, Jakarta 12410

2.Medistra Hospital, test location at WISMA ALDIRON:Jl. Gatot Subroto No.72, RT.1/RW.4, Pancoran, Kec. Pancoran, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12780

1.SOS Medika Klinik Cipete

Please contact SOS Medika directly to make an appointment.

a) SOS Medika Email: (preferred contact, 24hours English and Indonesian service)

b) SOS Medika Phone: +62-21-7505-980 (24hours English and Indonesian service)

c) SOS Medika WhatsApp: +62-811-1330-8954 (available for Chinese speakers; working hour 09:00-17:00)

2.Medistra Hospital

a)Medistra Hospital designated testing hospital sampling testing appointment link (in Chinese, Indonesian, and English): or scan the following QR code:

Step 1: Fill in the information on the homepage according screenshot below, In the payer column please select "company" ; in the cooperation code, you need to fill in the China Southern Airlines code: PCRCSN;

Step 2: Fill in the passenger's personal information;

Step 3: Submit the application, after the online payment is successful, you will get the appointment number by email that has been registered.

b)Medistra Hospital appointment test communication and result consultation (Indonesian & English service)

WhatsApp: +62-817-5210-200;


For more details, please check:

The official website of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia or the WeChat official account of "平安印尼行"

The official website of the China Southern Airlines or the WeChat official account of "南航印尼". Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.

September 23th, 2021