Notice on April International Flight Schedule of China Southern Airlines

Dear passengers:

In April, China Southern Airlines can operate 27 international routes per week. The specific flight schedule is as follows:

Region Route Flight Number
Europe Guangzhou-Amsterdam CZ307/CZ308
Guangzhou-Paris Charles de Gaulle CZ347/CZ348
North America Guangzhou-Los Angeles CZ327/CZ328
Guangzhou-Vancouver CZ329/CZ330
Guangzhou-Toronto CZ311/CZ312
Australia and New Zealand Guangzhou-Sydney CZ325/CZ326
Guangzhou-Melbourne CZ343/CZ344
Guangzhou-Auckland CZ305/CZ306
Southeast Asia/South Asia Guangzhou-Phnom Penh CZ8313/CZ8314
Guangzhou-Jakarta CZ387/CZ388
Shenzhen-Jakarta CZ8353/CZ8354
Guangzhou-Ho Chi Minh CZ3069/CZ3070
Guangzhou-Vientiane CZ6091/CZ6092
Guangzhou-Kuala Lumpur CZ349/CZ350
Guangzhou-Yangon CZ3055/CZ3056
Guangzhou-Bangkok CZ3081/CZ3082
Guangzhou-Manila CZ3091
Guangzhou-Singapore CZ3039/CZ3040
Wuhan-Islamabad CZ8139/CZ8140
Guangzhou-Dhaka CZ391/CZ392
Guangzhou-Kathmandu CZ6067/CZ6068
Korea and Japan Shenyang-Seoul Incheon CZ681/CZ682
Guangzhou-Seoul Incheon CZ3061/CZ3062
Shenyang-Tokyo Narita CZ627/CZ628
Guangzhou-Tokyo Narita CZ8101/CZ8102
Africa Changsha-Nairobi CZ6043/CZ6044
Shenzhen-Nairobi CZ8181/CZ8182

*The above flight schedule is subject to change. Please refer to China Southern Airlines' official website, APP, WeChat applet and other official channels for details.

If you have a travel plan, we suggest you buy tickets via China Southern Airlines' direct sales channels (website, APP, WeChat applet, 95539 hotline).

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the above flight adjustment! Thank you for your understanding and support!

China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.

March 29 2021