Portable Multimedia Devices

Portable Multimedia Device has a concise operational method, many entertainment functions, which will bring you more diverse and personalized entertainment services and make your trip more novel and interesting. Please come to experience the relaxed and cozy trip with us!

Main Functions

User-friendly Operational Interface

The interface adopts the design for website and supports functions of watching movies, listening to music and playing games, etc., which assures the diversity of program contents. It also supports different languages. Besides, touch screen makes it easy for passengers to operate.

It provides daily news, and updates more than 30 movies in the list and several classical games, which will surely bring relaxation and pleasure to your trip!

PDM Program Optimization Function

We can optimize our list better by counting the hits of the program.
For instance, we counted and analyzed the click rate and the play time of the PMD program in July, August and September, and discovered that the top 10 are all latest hit movies. Accordingly, we can adjust and optimize the PMD on the basis of these data.

List of Film & TV Programs

  • Sky Cinema
    • - [Hit Movies]
      "The Road Less Traveled" "Exiled" "Vegetate" "Bug Me Not" "Golmaal 3" "Ghost"
    • - [European & American Movies]
      "Une Semaine Sur Deux" "Krach" "Bellamy" "A Spot of Bother" "Baby, just wait and see" "La bête du Gévaudan"
    • - [Japanese & Korean Movies]
      "The motion picture" "Aibou the Movie2" "Killer Bride's Perfect Crime" "Attack the Gas Station 2" "The Fair Love" "Harmony"
    • - [Chinese Movies]
      "Under the Hawthorn Tree" A Simple Noodle Story" "The Treasure Hunter" "Hot Summer Days" "Bodyguards and Assassins"Huang Jia Ci Qing"
    • - [Classical Movies]
      "Astro Boy" "Forever Enthralled" "Legend of the tang empire" "My Father and Mother" "CJ 7" "Master of the Crimson Armor"
  • Sky Theater
    • - [Popular TV Plays]
      "Intense Emotion of Golden Marriage (11-20)" "Iron Rika(21-30)" "Deeply Attached to Each Other (1-3)"
    • - [Humor]
      "Animation Edition of Mr. Bean" "Wolfy" "Legend of Ingenuous Bear"
    • - [Opera]
      "Opera Appreciation 01" "Opera Appreciation 02" "Opera Appreciation 03"
  • Sky TV
    • - [News]
      Daily News
    • - [Windows of Guangzhou]
      Windows of Guangzhou
    • - [Finance]
      "Concentration on the Strategic Emerging Industries of the Layout of the Twelfth Five Year Plan" "Managing the Large Amount of Foreign Exchange Reserve" "Puting Effort on the Industry of New Materials and Engage in the Competition at the Top of High Technology"
    • - [Golf]
      "Fall in Love with Golf""Full Swing Lessons" "Short Swing Lessons""Application on Site" "From New Learner to the King of Golf"
    • - [Physics]
      "Ronaldo: Legend 1" "Selected Programs of German Soccer League" "Selected Program of Figure Skating"
    • - [Entertainment]
      "Dances Accoladed by Charming People" "Magic Persons" "Big Magic Scene 1"
    • - [Fashion]
      "Pretty Ladies" "I Love Everyday" "Collection of Styles"
    • - [Humanities]
      "Finland" "Camera Memorial" "Britain"
    • - [Travel]
      "Travel by Car: Shanxi, Hunan" "Travel by Car: Henan, Huaiyang" "The Traveler: Hong Kong"
    • - [MTV]
      "MTV01" "MTV02" "MTV03" "MTV04" "MTV05" "MTV06"