Unique Interactive Experience

To experience the luxury body aircrafts (A330, 787, and 380) of China Southern Airlines, you can enjoy all sorts of application functions of the compartment, such as browsing your private pictures embodying your mood of travel through the interlink of USB, reading documents in PDF format, or constantly updating your travel routes with the real time flight line map interactive checking function. Besides, you can click the purchase button of the entertainment system to buy duty-free goods. The unique purchase experience in the air can keep you far away from a boring travel. Like quietness? You can also browse the electronic books.

China Southern Airlines is committed to providing more satisfying purchase experiences in the air and showing the newest goods delivering service. Apart from the existing elaborately selected products, we have also collected many goods of high quality, which can be delivered to your designated domicile. If you want to place an order, please use the Purchase Manual on board or the Subscription Form in the storage grid under the chair. After completing the Subscription Form, you can hand it over to a steward, or submit it through email, fax or post.