The most important place of interest and the most impressive building of historical importance in the "Heroic City" is without a doubt the Kremlin, which, according to many travel reports, is amongst other things the residence of the Russian President. Another of the most popular places of interest in our city tip is Red Square, which also contains the Lenin Mausoleum. Other sights mentioned in the travel reports are the red St. Basil's Cathedral with its bulbous towers and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. According to recent travel reports, the Gorky Park pf Culture and Leisure is the most popular out of about one hundred parks in Moscow. It is located in the centre of the city, by the banks of the Moskva River. Here, as well as countless famous places of interest, there are also a boat station, bars, restaurants, cafés and, in the winter, skating rinks for ice skating.

Embassy Official Website:


  • Embassy of the Russian Federation
    Add.:100600 No. 4, Dong Zhi Men Bei Zhong Jie
    Tel:(010) 65321267
    Fax:(010) 65324853
    District:Beijing, Chongqing, Gansu, Guizhou, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Qinghai, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Tianjin, Tibet, Xinjiang
  • Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Shenyang
    Add.:110003 31 South Shisanwei Road, Heping District, Shenyang
    Tel:(024) 23223927
    Fax:(024) 23223907
    District:Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang
  • Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Shanghai
    Add.:200080 20 Huangpu Rd., Shanghai
    Tel:(021) 63248383,(021) 6324 2682
    Fax:(021) 63069982
    District:Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui
  • Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Hongkong
    Add.:Suite 2106-2123, Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
    Tel:(+852) 28777188, (+852) 28775024
    Fax:(+852) 28777166
    District:Hong Kong, Macau
  • Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Guangzhou
    Add.:510623 26/A, Development Centre, No 3,Linjiang Dadao, Zhujiang New City, Guangzhou
    Tel:(020) 85185001,(020) 85185002,(020) 85185003
    Fax:(020) 85185099,(020) 85185088
    District:Guangdong, Hainan, Fujian, Yunnan, Jiangxi, Guangxi

Russia- Moscow sales organization

Country/ area Russian
City Moscow
Administrative areas Russian Federation (Khabarovsk, Vladivostock, Irkutsk excluded)
Reservation department Address: NO.105 PEACE AVENUE,MOSCOW,RUSSIA
Phone: 007-495-9874629;
Fax: 007-495-9874630;
Airport Name: sheremetuevo international airport
Address: khimky town ,Moscow region,141400,russian Phone: 007-495-2259248/007-495-5788417
Fax: 007-495-9563134
Office hours: 1800-2400
baggage inquiry Loss/ damage of baggage
Address: sheremetuevo international airport
Phone: 007-495-7238223 (TD)

The period from May to September is the best time for travel, during which, it is pleasantly cool. So it is suitable for you to spend the summer holidays here. Especially in July and August which is the best period, the temperature is always between 20-30℃, and is comparatively suitable to go on a tour. It is the peak travel season of Russia.

If you want to keep away from the peak travel season, the period from May to June or from September to October is also a good travel season. It is not suitable to have a travel in Russia during the end of February and the early April, because the winter snow gradually melts and the road is comparatively muddy during the early spring period. The cold and dry winter is also not suitable for travel in Russia, during which, it features short day and long night, but the Russia in winter also has its unique charm. Walking at the street of Russia at -20℃, you will be embraced with snow-covered landscape, which is rare at ordinary times.

Wearing tips: the summer is warm and comfortable, you may wear unroped garment. The winter is cold, you need to wear the warm thick cotton-padded clothes. It is rainy, so it is suggested to take an umbrella with you.

Consumerism not communism: The capital of the bygone Soviet Union is now one of the most expensive cities on earth, where the moneyed upper classes gather in exclusive bars, clubs and department stores - and at their own millionaire fairs.

  • 1. GUM luxury mall
    Introduction:Moscow's most up-market shopping mall is also the largest in the country. It first opened in Tsarist Russia, was closed in the wake of the October Revolution of 1917, but later reopened with a secret department where the Soviet élite could purchase much-coveted Western commodities that were otherwise all but unobtainable anywhere in the country. Today, shoppers will find around 200 luxury stores at GUM, some of them incredibly high-priced, and some less exclusive ones on the third level, too.
    Information: GUM: Krasnaya Ploshchad 3 (Red Square), Tel.: +7-495/788 43 43,
    Opening times: 10am-10pm.
  • 2. Yelisseyevsky
    Introduction:The magnificent art nouveau interior of the spacious sales area alone exudes luxury and opulence. Yelisseyevsky is an old established delicatessen that sells the finest specialty foods in Moscow (as well as more everyday, albeit often overpriced foods). This gourmet temple first opened in 1901, was quickly nationalized in the wake of the Bolshevik coup - and has today been restored to its former glory.
    Information: Yelisseyevsky: Tverskaya uliza 14, Tel.: +7-495/650 46 43
  • 3. Millionaire Fair
    Introduction:Racing cars and racehorses, up-market villas and exquisite watches, jewels, yachts and jets. Cheap bargains are hardly on the cards at the Millionaire Fair in Moscow. But there's no shortage of buyers; after all, Moscow is home to tens of thousands of millionaires and dozens of billionaires, in terms of US dollars. Luckily, there's no need to be a millionaire to take a peek at the exclusive goods on show at the fair because 30 euros will gain anyone admission.
  • 4. Winzavod
    Introduction:In contrast to the Millionaire Fair, looking costs nothing at Winzavod, the former winery! The industrial buildings around Kursk Station are rapidly becoming a first-rate art center, and those in the know are already likening it to New York's Chelsea district. Winzavod does also offer visitors the opportunity to spend lavishly, though, since it has already attracted some of Russia's biggest gallery names, including Aidan, M&J Guelman and XL.
    Information: Winzavod: 4th Syromyatnichesky pereulok 1, Building 6, +7-495/917 46 46. Opening times: daily 11am-9pm, galleries daily except Mon, roughly 12 noon through 8pm.
  • 5. Bolshoi Theater
    Introduction:Yet another exclusive - and at the same time relatively affordable - experience can be had at the legendary Bolshoi Theater. Ballet tickets cost roughly as much as they do in western European and North America, the theater and opera tickets here are actually cheaper. The theater is currently undergoing renovation (and probably at least through 2011) so that performances take place on the Novaya Scena (new stage) in an adjoining building.
    Information:Bolshoi Theater: Teatralnaya Ploshchad 1, +7-495/250 73 17,
  • 6. City Space Bar & Lounge
    Introduction:Even if this bar on the 34th floor of Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy is allegedly one of the best in the world, cocktails and long drinks soon fade into the background given the breathtaking panoramic view of magnificent Moscow spread out at your feet as you sip. A stylish way to end a luxurious day!
    Information: City Space Bar & Lounge in Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy: Kosmodamianskaya nab. 52, Tel.: +7-495/221 53 57,ôtel website).
    Opening times: daily 5pm-3am.

  • Cabs
    Cabs are all yellow. When the overhead light of the cab is on, it means it is ready to provide service. There are also some private cars providing a cheaper service, you can bargain with them. Registered cabs all have a symbol of a "T" sealed in a circle, and a taximeter. Comparatively the cabs are a little pricy, while it is always expected to bargain with private car drivers face to face. Reservation number of cabs are: 9270000 or 4579005.
  • Buses
    The bus fare is RUB 15 if you buy the ticket at the station and RUB 25 if you buy it from the diver. Please remember to buy a ticket in the bus, otherwise you will be imposed with a fine of RUB 100. Automatic ticket check is provided in some buses. So you should get on from the front door, near which there is a ticket print machine.
  • Subway traffic
    Moscow Railway was formally open for service formally on May 15, 1935, which has a loop line and 8 radial lines. With at least three levels, it could be rated as the world's top one in terms of construction scale and interior decoration, enjoying the good reputation of the "underground art palace". With many commuter stations, it is of complex structure, which is nearly accessible to various scenic spots. The exit and entrance marks are "M". You can exit from the subway along the mark of BbIXOД B ГOPOД(vykhod v gorod). In case of transfer, the ПEPEXOД(perekhod) mark is the intersection and you may walk along the finger direction in the blue background.
    Ticket price: RUB17/time; RUB75/5 times; RUB150/10 times; RUB250/20 times; RUB520/60 times; RUB 550/month(unlimited times).
    Many stations with very excellent design are arranged in the brown loop; the red No.1 Line passes through many famous scenic spots.
    The operating time is from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 of the next day

Moscow Domodedovo Airport (DME)


Moscow 142015, Russian Federation
Telefon: (095) 933 6666


The airport is located 34km (21 miles) south of Moscow.

How to get there

The main road leading to the airport from Moscow is Kashirskoe Highway, which flows into the airport junction road (Domodedovo Airport Road).


There is parking space for over 4,000 cars at the airport. Short term parking is available adjacent to the terminals, while long stay spaces are situated at the railway station and by the airport hotel. Limited short term VIP parking can be found in the International Terminal.

Car hire

Car rental services include Sixt (advance bookings only). Desks are located in the International arrival hall - in the left wing of the airport.

Access by public transport

  • Rail
    Paveletsky railway station has a city passenger terminal connected to the airport by high-speed railway. The high-speed Aeroexpress train travels to and from Paveletsky-Moscow and Domodedovo Airport (journey time - 40 minutes). A number of airlines provide their passengers with free tickets to the Aeroexpress train (journey time - 40-50 minutes). Cheaper, but slower (around 70 minutes), commuter trains also link the airport with the city centre.
  • Bus
    Express buses offer a shuttle service between the airport and the Domodedovskaya underground station on the southern edge of the city (journey time - 25-30 minutes). Ticket can be purchased in the airport near the 0 Counter in the china arrivals area. Boarding takes place in the right wing of the terminal.
  • Taxi
    There is also a 24-hour minibus shuttle service between the Domodedovskaya underground station and the airport (journey time - 25-30 minutes). Payment should be made to the driver when boarding the taxi. For further taxi enquiries, call (095) 967 8363.

Information desk

Airport information desks are located throughout the terminals. Maps of the airport are available. An automated telephone inquiry system (in English andRussian) is also available (tel: (095) 720 6666).A flight information desk is located left of the entrance to the airport terminal (tel: (095) 933 6666). The Travel Center (for tourist information and bookings) is located in the international flight arrival area, counters 73 and 74.

Airport facilities

  • Money and communications
    A 24-hour bank is located on the second floor of the airport terminal. ATMs are also available. Bureau de change facilities are available in the arrival area for international and china flights on the first floor of the airport terminal, as well as in the shopping centre on the second floor and in the VIP lounge. A post office is situated in the shopping centre. Free Internet kiosks are located in the departure area for international flights and there is an Internet centre located in the shopping centre. Wi-Fi Internet access is also available. There are more than 40 phones located throughout the terminals and mobile phone charging is also available.
  • Eating and drinking
    There are several restaurants, bars and coffee shops at the airport, including the Old City Russian restaurant and the Asian Café, which sells Japanese food.
  • Shopping
    The main shopping area is situated on the second floor. Shops selling perfumes, souvenirs, toys and many other things are available. Duty-free is also available for international passengers.
  • baggage
    Trolleys are available free of charge throughout the airport terminal and at the station. There is a left-baggage facility at the baggage office (open round the clock) at the underground level of the terminal. For additional information call (095) 967 8363. For lost property call (095) 504 0258.
  • Other facilities
    There are special facilities for mothers and children and a children centre. The central medical assistance station is located on the first level in the right wing of the passenger terminal (Domestic flights area). The office is open round the clock (tel: (095) 504 0248 or 504 0249). There is also a chapel and a mosque. Militia officers are on duty round the clock (tel: (095) 967 8278).