Situated in the hinterland of Northeast Plain in China, Changchun City, capital of Jilin Province, is rightly located at the center of the Northeast. As a sub-provincial city, Changchun City is also Jilin Province's political, economic, and cultural center, China's largest automobile industry city, China's 9th largest city in terms of urban built-up region's area and population, and Northeast China's important central city. In Changchun City located China FAW Group Corporation and Changchun Film Studio, and so it is touted as the People's Republic of China's earliest automobile industry base and movie production base.

Located in the hinterland of the Songliao Plain in the northeast of China, Changchun City has an altitude of 250m to 350, and its topography is flat and open. Belonging to continental monsoon climate, Changchun is located in the transitional zone between humid region and sub-arid region according to the "National Dry and Wet Climate Zoning". Temperature in Changchun ascends from the east to the west, but precipitation descends. In spring, Changchun is dry and windy, but it is humid, hot, and rainy in summer. When autumn comes, it will get a clear sky and cool weather, whereas its winter is cold and long. And so Changchun is characterized by four distinctive seasons, hot rainy season, and moderate humidity, which offers favorable climate environment for the mankind to tap the nature.

  • 1. Puppet Palace Museum
    It is a royal palace museum that was built at the Puppet Palace's original site. The Puppet Palace is the palace where Aisin-Gioro Puyi, the last emperor of China in Qing Dynasty, served as emperor of the Manchukuo, and also the historical witness to Japanese imperialism's invasion in Northeast China by force and implementation of fascist colonial policy. Today, the Puppet Palace Museum has become a characteristic tourist attraction that takes a floor space of 200,000 square meters and integrates puppet palace (core protection zone), red tourism, culture & leisure, and tourism & business services.
  • 2. Nanhu Park
    Located in Changchun City, China's largest automobile industry city, Nanhu Park, with a floor space of more than 2.22 million square meters, is the largest urban park in Northeast, and the second largest park in China, next only to the Summer Palace. Located in the southwest of Changchun City, the distinctive Nanhu Park has a lake area of 92 hectares, and it is viewed as the largest park in Northeast. Construction of Nanhu Park kicked off in 1933.

In Changchun City, the traffic is very convenient, and bus network developed. By the end of 2007, Changchun City has 340 bus lines, including state-run bus lines, minibus lines, dedicated minibus lines, and intercrossed bus lines.

Changchun dragon Kerry International Airport is located in the northeast of Jiutai Long Jiazhen Changchun ( the original dragon town ), Changchun from downtown28 kilometers,62 kilometers away from Jilin downtown area, covering more than 4200 acres. The existing China routes 77, Hong Kong and Macao and16 international airlines. Dragon Kerry airport is a China trunk airport, airport scale: airfield 4E grade level, taking off and landing of B707, B747( load ), B757, A330, A320and other large and medium-sized aircraft, the runway 3200 meters long,45 meters wide, and isometric parallel slide. The apron area of 220000 square meters, terminal with a total area of 73000 square meters, stands 32, can protect the world's largest aircraft -- Airbus A380aircraft.