Lounge Location

The 24/7 lounge is located on B1. After the security check, travelers turn to left, go down and can find it.

Lounge Amenities

  • International call;
  • fax;
  • Printing;
  • TV;
  • beverageS and refreshments;
  • Wheelchair service;

Lounge Overview

  • Cold drinks/wines: 3-5 options for first class and business class travelers;
  • Hot drinks: fine coffee, boiled water and tea for travelers;
  • Self-service food: delicious nuts and cookies for travelers;
  • Delicious cold food such as sandwich, in quality guarantee period;
  • Delicious hot food such as refreshment and porridge, in quality guarantee period;
  • Magazines: no less than 3 selections of business magazine; no less than 3 types of entertainment magazine; 1-2 types of in-flight magazines; WIFI: free and fast WIFI internet access; and more than 4 computers with internet access;
  • Communication equipment: easy-to-use quality phones and fax machines; other business equipment such as printer, scanner and bookbinder; TV sets with good signals, clear images and moderate volume;
  • The lounge also provides: 1) boarding time notification; 2) baggage depository; 3) direction of bathroom; 4) smoking area and lounge chair; 5) computers and WIFI internet access; and 6) B/F services.

Opening Hours

The lounge opens from 6:30 am to the last departing flight.