Lounge Access and Relevant Information

  • 1.First Class Sky Pearl Club
  • 2.VVIP, VIP, IP, first-class and business class travelers
  • 3.Gold card members of Sky Pearl Club
  • 4.Silver card members of Sky Pearl Club
  • 5. Travelers transiting to Australia

Lounge Location

The lounge is opposite to the No. 14 boarding gate. After passing the security check, travelers turn to left and will find the lounge after a duty-free boutique.

Lounge Amenities

  • Phone;
  • Fax;
  • Automatic Boarding Reminder;
  • Printing;
  • Photocopy;
  • Books/magazines/newspapers;
  • TV;
  • Wireless internet access;
  • Business-friendly computers;
  • baggage depository;
  • Beverages and refreshments;
  • Hot/cold food;
  • Hot/cold drinks;
  • Wheelchair service;

Lounge Overview

First Class Sky Pearl Club is the only VIP lounge set by an airline in Sanya Phoenix International Hotel. Located on the second floor in opposite to No. 14 gate in the sterile area, the lounge provides first class and business class travelers and gold/silver card members with diverse recreational facilities and other amenities in its 260-square-meter space. If you happen to carry a notebook, you can benefit from our wireless internet access, along with other considerate services such as food and beverage. You can deal with your ad hoc business in our spacious private space. Of course, you can go surfing on our computers with high-speed internet access, or you can connect your own computer with our internet service for your business purposes. We have a lot to offer to meet your dining needs. Our selected dishes are available to meet your diversified tastes. More than 5 kinds of tea and coffee are provided in our lounge to give you a fresh start.

Opening Hours

The lounge opens from 6:00 am to 11:30 pm every day.