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About the Airport

Located in the north of Guangzhou and at the junction of Renhe Town, Baiyun District and Huadong Town, Huadu District, Terminal 2 of the newly-built Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is just 28km away from Haizhu Square in downtown Guangzhou. As one of the three biggest airline hubs in China, it is the country's first super-large airline hub developed and designed in accordance with international airline hub standards. It was reputed as one of "China’s Top Ten Construction & Science Achievements in 2005". As a new landmark in Guangzhou, it serves as a window displaying the city's new image and is a popular attraction among local Guangzhou citizens.

Check-in Information

Manual Check-in Counter

(1) Premium Check-in Zone

Domestic Premium Check-in Counters are located in Area C of Terminal 2, and open to First Class, Business Class, and Premium Economy Class passengers, and Sky Pearl Gold Card/ Silver Card members.

Check-in Supervisor Counters (C01, C02, D01, D02).

International Premium Check-in Counters are located in Area Q of Terminal 2, and open to First Class and Business Class passengers, and Sky Pearl Gold Card/ Silver Card members.

Check-in Supervisor Counters (Q01, Q02).

(2) Domestic Check-in Zone

Domestic Economy Class Check-in Counters are located in Area D of Terminal 2, and offer services including Economy Class check-in, transit, special passenger assistance, fee payment, flight addition, ticket sales, overweight baggage handling, etc. Specifically, Counter D20 is for special passenger services, Counter D13 offers priority service for soldiers/ firefighters and rescue personnel, and Counter D26 is for transit services.

Domestic Self-service Zone is located in Area H of Terminal 2, where passengers can go through check-in procedures and check baggage by themselves.

Check-in Supervisor Counters (D3/H02)

Self-service check-in

1. Domestic check-in area:
Self check-in kiosks are available at Areas D, E, F, G, H and J of Terminal 2.

2. International check-in area:
Self check-in kiosks are available at Areas P, N, and L of Terminal 2.

Gentle Reminder:

  • a. Passengers for domestic flights with carry-on baggage larger than 20×40×55cm and weighing more than 5kg will be denied entry at security checkpoints and not be allowed to board (rules may differ from airline to airline).
  • b. The overweight baggage fees counters are subject to change according to on-site adjustments.

Check-in time

The check-in counter is closed 45 minutes before flight departure

Special Passenger Services

Domestic flights: Counter D20 of Terminal 2

International flights: Counter P20 of Terminal 2

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Terminal 2 Site Plan

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Baggage Services

Baggage packing service

Location: Near Door 42 on the southwest side, Door 47 on the southeast side and Door 44 on the south central side of the Departures Hall on the third floor

Self-service check-in facilities

Self-service baggage check-in kiosks are located in the check-in area in the third floor: H (domestic) and L (international). Self-service baggage check-in procedures are as follows:
Scan your document at a self-service check-in kiosk to confirm flight information→Select baggage check-in and print the baggage tag→Attach the baggage tag to the baggage handle →Walk to the baggage drop-off point→Scan your document to confirm flight information→Lay the luggage on the conveyor belt flat with the handle outward →Weigh the luggage (weight and dimension limits: 20KG and 40x60x100cm)→Print the pickup slip when baggage is checked in successfully.

Luggage pickup service

Domestic flights: Baggage carousel No. 31 - 41

Baggage inquiries: Baggage inquiries counter in the Domestic Arrivals Hall

International flights: Baggage carousel No. 42 - 51

Baggage inquiries: Baggage inquiries counter in the International Arrivals Hall



Drop-off point: Outside the departures floor.

Pick-up: Long-distance buses and buses to downtown are available on the west side of the first floor of the GTC, and tour buses and buses specially offered in the case of a flight delay are available on the east side of the first floor of the GTC.


T2 Taxi Boarding Point: Door 50 (domestic), Door 52 (international)


The "Airport North station" of the Guangzhou Metro is located in Terminal 2 on the west side of floor B1 of the GTC hall and has exits in both the GTC and the terminal.

Private cars

There is no area in Terminal 2 for car drivers to pick up passengers. Car drivers who come to pick up passengers from Terminal 2 need to park in lots P6, P7 and P8, and arriving passengers can get to the parking lots after walking through the GTC.

Transportation between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

Inter-terminal shuttle bus for TI and T2 (Airport Express)

Route: Door 10 of T1 to Door 42 of T2 and back.

Peak hours (6: 00am - 8: 00am, 3:00pm - 6:00pm): 5 mins/shift;

Off-peak hours (8:00am - 3:00pm, 6:00pm - 11:00pm): 10 mins/shift;

Late-night service (11:00pm - 6:00am): 15 mins/shift;


Passengers can travel between Airport South station (Terminal 1) and Airport North station (Terminal 2) by metro for free during operating hours.

Parking lot information

There are three newly built parking lots for T2, namely P6 (east parking lot), P7 (west parking lot) and P8 (parking garages A and B) with 5,127 parking spaces in total. The parking garages are in the south of the main building of T2, two stories underground and three stories aboveground.

Parking in Terminal 2 is charged at the same rates as parking in Terminal 1. Parking is free for the first 15 minutes in both the open parking lots and the parking garages. Free parking is offered only twice within 24 hours.

Parking time First 15 minutes First 2 hours 3-10 hours 10-24 hours After 24 hours
Small motor vehicles Free RMB10/hour RMB5/hour RMB60 (based on the 10 hour total) To be accumulated
Large motor vehicles Free RMB15/hour RMB10/hour RMB110 (based on the 10 hour total) To be accumulated

Note: An hourly rate will be charged for less than 1 hour of parking, and large motor vehicles will be charged for the number of parking spaces actually occupied.

For example, RMB(10+10+5) = RMB25 will be charged for 3 hours of parking, and RMB(10×2+5×8) = RMB60 will be charged for a day of parking.RMB(60+60) = RMB120 will be charged for two days of parking.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Terminal 2 Transportation

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Airport Facilities

The terminal has four floors in total.

Overall layout:

The first floor is the baggage pickup area with a total of 21 baggage carousels (31 - 51), of which there are 11 (31 - 41) for domestic passengers and 10 (42 - 51) for international passengers.

The second floor is for mixed-flow domestic departures and arrivals, international arrivals and transfers. West 5, West 6, West corridor and North airside concourse are the domestic departure and arrival mixed-flow areas. East 5, East 6 and East corridor are for international arrivals and the East 6 end is the rest area for international departures. The middle cross-shaped aisle is for arrivals and transfers.

Outside the quarantine area on the third floor is the domestic and international check-in hall. East 5, East 6 and East corridor in the isolation area are for international departures, and the North airside concourse is for international arrivals.

The North airside concourse on the fourth floor is for international departures. The East 6 airside concourse is the domestic departures and arrivals area, with first-class and business-class lounges and airport hourly hotels.

Area Functions:

There are a total of 13 check-in areas, of which 7 are domestic check-in areas (C - J) and 6 are international check-in areas (K - Q). Areas H and L are the self-service baggage check-in areas. Each check-in area is equipped with 28 check-in counters, 4 function counters, and 2 package inspection rooms (at the end of the area). There are at most 20 self-service check-in kiosks in (the middle of the entrance of) each check-in area.

T2 airside concourses follow T1's design. The West airside concourse is used for domestic flights, the East airside concourse is used for international flights, and the North airside concourse is for parking for both domestic or international flights.