COVID-19 prevention measures of China Southern Airlines
In order to prevent and control the transmission of infections and ensure the health of passengers and employees, China Southern Airlines has formulated and strictly implemented epidemic prevention and control measures. Passengers for whom it is necessary to travel in the near future, we suggest you take the following measures to protect yourself. To ensure your travel safety, please read the following advice carefully:
Crews and frontline staff
All frontline staff of China Southern Airlines must complete the health control form and body temperature will be checked before duty. Staff and crew need to wear face masks, disposable gloves and other protective equipment during duty. Different protective measures are taken subject to the different level of pandemic risk of each flight route. For long-haul flights, the highest level of protection are implemented.
Service on board
The service on board will be adjusted based on the level of flight risks. Till now all long-haul flights are considered as high-risk flights. Therefore, except the necessary cabin services, any other close contact with passengers will be avoided. China Southern has prepared pre-packaged food and bottled drinking water that will be placed on each seat for the passengers on long-haul flights to China. In general, no meals are provided on board. During the flight, the crew will clean the lavatories as often as required by the CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China). An obligatory temperature test will be carried out before boarding and during flight and spare seats will be blocked on board as required.
Hygiene on board
In the air conditioning system of China Southern Airlines’ aircrafts, the recirculation system is installed with HEPA (High efficiency particulate air Filter). 99.97% of all bacteria and virus particles will be filtered, and HEPA also has the function of disinfection and sterilization. After each flight- operation, disinfectants must be used to clean the cabin especially the high contact points, such as tray tables, handrails and toilets. We will clean and disinfect the aircraft cabins after every flight.
Travel requirements for the passengers
According to the requirements of Chinese Embassy, all passengers who are flying to China will be required to conduct the COVID-19 PCR and IgM anti-body tests at the testing institution designated by the Chinese Embassy within 2 days before flight departure. When the tests results are negative, passengers can apply for a green health code with “HDC” mark or “HS” mark via the website (for foreign passengers) or via the WeChat Health Code app (for Chinese passengers).
It should be noted that transit passengers need to conduct twice PCR and IgM tests, one in the country of departure and one in the country of transit, and apply for the green health code of the embassy respectively. Airlines’ staff will check the dynamic green health code before boarding.
At the same time, following the requirements of China Customs, passengers also need to fill in a form through the WeChat mini program "Tourists Fingertip Service" on the day of departure to China. Please take a screenshot of the completed page and show the QR code to our staff upon boarding and to the customs upon arrival in China. The above requirements are based on existing information for your reference. For the newest information, please refer to the notification from the Chinese Embassy in your local country, the departing airport as well as the local government.
Passengers are required to wear medical surgical or advanced masks during the whole journey. If case of wearing N95 masks, please use the model which without breathing valve. Before boarding, temperature of all passengers will be checked by using contactless temperature detection equipment. Passengers with fever will not be allowed boarding, and ground personnel will assist the local health department with the follow-up procedure.
When traveling, China Southern Airlines warmly reminds you:

1. Please read the latest requirements of your country and the Chinese Embassy in your country carefully
    booking a ticket, and prepare the relevant documents

2. Wear a mask during boarding and the flight

3. Take you own pen

4. Cooperate with temperature measurement procedure

China southern airlines will continue to pay close attention to the development of the pandemic, governmental policies and passenger’s demand. The relevant flight policies will be adjusted according to the actual situation. Passengers and staff health and safety are always our priority.