Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport is located on the eastern coastal plain of the Pearl River Estuary at 113°49' east longitude and 22°36' north latitude, 32 km from Shenzhen city, where there is a vast expanse of land, favorable clearance conditions for large passenger and cargo aircrafts, in line with operating standards of the mega international airports. The airport runs 24-hour services.

Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport is not only the first modern international Kuu-Kou where the multi-modal transport of maritime, land and air has been realized, but also the first international airport where the transit transport mode has been implemented in the territory of China. The land transportations radiate in all directions, including Guangzhou-Shenzhen highway, Jihe Expressway and the National Road 107 which link Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhongshan and Zhuhai. There is a dock with kiloton berth in the airport. The sea route leads to Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai via a hydrofoil, and the air helicopter can fly to Hong Kong and Macau. With more favorable inland transportation conditions, the aircraft flying from/to Hong Kong and around the world may take off or land here and carry the passengers and cargos in the most convenient way. The passenger-cargo operations will be managed by following the international standards and practices at the airport, providing the fastest and most convenient services in China. Supported by one of three heartlands, the Pearl River Delta region of China where the economy is growing most vigorously, Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport has a wealth of air passenger-cargo resources and first-class hardware and software, which is a good choice for any airline to fly to China.

Airport Traffic Guide

(1) Guide to Bus Rides:

Line Number
Starting point
Sections in Route
Service time
Airport Line 1 (330) Airport Fu Tian Hua Lian Building Shenzhen Airlines Building/Shanghai Hotel  is changed into Shenzhen Airlines Building/Investment Building/Hua Lian Building/West Plaza of Railway Station (Qiaoshe City Terminal) 07:30-Ended Flight RMB 20 for whole journey
330B Airport Departure lounge in Longgang city Jihe Expressway, Shenhui Interchange, Longxiang Avenue and Jixiang Road 08:30-24:00 RMB 30 for whole journey
Airport Line 2 Airport Luohu Railway Station Shenzhen University/Xiasha 08:00-24:00 RMB 20 for whole journey
Airport Line 4 Airport China South City, Pinghu, Longgang District Pinghu Bus Station/Longhua Bus Station 8:00-22:00 RMB 30 for whole journey
Airport Line 5 Airport Guangming high-speed rail station Songgang Bus Station/Shajing Bus Station 06:30-22:00 RMB 6 for whole journey
Airport Line 6 Airport Meisha Bao’an Passenger Transportation Center/Futian Hospital of Chinese Medicine/Luohu Stadium 8:00-22:00 RMB 30 for whole journey
Airport Line 7 Airport Buji Zhangshu Bu Community Kangdaer Bus Station/Huawei Base 8:00-22:00 RMB 22 for whole journey
Airport Line 8 Airport Shenzhen Bay Port North and South Park of Science and Technology Park 8:00-22:00 RMB 15 for whole journey
Airport Line 9 Airport Huanggang Port Special Zone Newspaper/Convention Center 8:00-22:00 RMB 20 for whole journey
Airport Line 10 Airport Shekou Ferry Terminal Xixiang/Bao'an Stadium /Shekou Wal-Mart 06:30-20:00 RMB 8 for whole journey

(2) Guide to Intercity Express Line Rides

Service time
Cap fare
Airport – Huizhou Bus Station 07:30-21:25 RMB 67
Airport – Huidong Bus Station 07:15-19:15 RMB 69
Airport – Zhongshan City Terminal 11:05-20:05 RMB 65
Airport – Dongguan City Terminal 08:05-20:05 RMB 42
Airport – Dongguan Shilong Bus Station 07:25-19:05 RMB 49
Airport – Dongguan Dalang Bus Station 08:05-20:05 RMB 46
Airport – Dongguan Qingxi Bus Station 08:10-19:40 RMB 43
Airport – Huiyang Central Bus Station 08:05-19:00 RMB 62
Airport –Hong Kong 08:20-22:35 RMB 220
Airport - Macau 08:25-21:10 RMB 103

(3 )Metro Transportation Guideline:

Heading for Airport Terminals: Airport Terminal T3 cannot be reached directly from the Shenzhen Metro, but you can take Metro Line 1 and get off at Houduan station, and then transfer to Line M416 from Exit C or D, or take Metro Line 1 to Airport East station, and then transfer to Line M417.

Heading for Metro Station: Go to the bus station at 2/F of GTC from 2/F of Airport Terminal T3, take Line M416 to Houduan station of Metro Line 1, or take Line M417 to Airport East station of Metro Line 1.

(4) Taxi Ride Guideline

Go to 2/F of GTC from 2/F of Airport Terminal T3, and take the taxi at Gate 05 or 06.

(5) Self-driving Car Traffic Guideline:

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport lies in the northwest of urban district, about 32 km from the city. There are Guangzhou-Shenzhen highway, National Road 107, and Bao’an Avenue to the east side of the airport, Yanjiang Super Highway to the west, south airport road and Jihe Expressway to the south, and Fuhai Avenue to the north. Among them, the south Airport road is the only way to the entry or exit of Airport Terminal T3.

Airport Terminal T3 lies in the west district of Shenzhen Airport, where there are Kuu-Kous 1-8 roads in the east-west direction, Pilots 1-8 roads and Pilot Overhead in the north-south direction. The Hezhou toll along Guangzhou-Shenzhen highway is the most convenient way to the entry and exit of the south Airport road.

(6) Ferry Traffic Guideline

There are a lot of ships from/to Hong Kong International Airport and Macau at the New Fuyong wharf of Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport, and Shuttle bus round the wharf at Airport Terminal T3. Take the Shuttle bus at Gate 03 or 04 on 2/F of GTC from 2/F of Airport Terminal T3.

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Details for Airport VIP Lounges(Click to View )

Baggage Claim

The baggage claim is located in the arrival hall of 2/F, on the side of turntable 1, where you can transact a package of services, such as baggage check, picking up luggage and baggage payment, etc. in China Southern Airlines.

Inquiry Desk

The inquiry desk is located in the position of the island A head, where you can handle inquiries, unaccompanied, wheelchairs and other special services in China Southern Airlines.

Boarding Process

Buying ticket – Check-in (Registered baggage) – Security Check – Departure lounge – Boarding flight (Going apron by riding the ferry bus)

Note: The boarding gate is opened in 40 minutes and closed in 20 minutes before scheduled departure time of the flight.

Inbound Process

Arrival (Going apron by riding the ferry bus) – Baggage Claim

Domestic Terminal: There is a transit service counter on the cross corridor where you can transact the formalities for transit flight in the China Southern Airlines (Registered baggage is not permitted here).

International terminal: When any flight has arrived in the China Southern Airlines, the attendants will assist the passengers who need to transfer to the other flight in handling the transit procedures at the baggage claim of 1/F international arrival.

Airport Public Facilities

1.Luggage Storage/Lost and Found Office

It is located in the opposite side of island A tail, where you can get the baggage depository and lost and found services.


In Airport Terminal T3, there is a Shanghai Pudong Development Bank set up in the west side of 4-floor lobby, a ATM teller machine by the escalator on 5-floor upstairs from 4-floor in the west side of main building, and foreign currency exchange points in 2-floor greeting hall and in the international arrival hall.

3.Business Travel Counter

It is located at the exit of 2-floor arrival hall and 1-floor international arrival hall, where a package of services can be available for the passengers, such as hotel reservations, tourism, visa agent, L visa declaration, booking helicopter, and airport shuttle services.


4-floor toilet outside the evacuation zone of Airport Terminal T3 is located on one side of check-in counter and island tail, and on the side of overrun baggage counter. There are toilets set up in different waiting areas of evacuation zone.

5.Baggage Package Office

There are the baggage package offices by Gate 2 and 6 on 4-floor of Airport Terminal T3.

6.Stores and Convenience Stores (CVS)

There are a variety of stores and CVSs in Airport Terminal T3, including clothes, bags, books and newspapers, toys, souvenirs, fruits, and simple life necessities, etc.

7.Emergency Center

There are four emergency service stations in Airport Terminal T3.

Service facility
Service time

Medical Emergency  Service Center

Close to east wing of the central corridor junction with main building in 3-floor evacuation zone During airline operation 23456120
Close to north corridor of the central corridor junction with main building in 3-floor evacuation zone During airline operation 23456120
East side of 2-floor greeting hall During airline operation 23456120
End of North corridor in 1-floor During airline operation 23456120

Special Notes for Check-in Formalities

(1)Introduction of Check-in Counters:

Airport Terminal T3 of Shenzhen Airport – Islands A and B in departure hall are domestic check-in counters in China Southern Airlines, of which, the counters 7-12 of island B are check-in ones for high-end travelers; CSA international check-in counter lies in island D of departure hall.

Opening time: It serves those travelers without check-in baggage all day long; and serves those travelers with check-in baggage in 120 minutes before scheduled departure time of flight, or international/regional flight.

(2)Closing Time for Formalities in Check-in Counters:

Domestic flight departure from Shenzhen airport: Closing service for transacting the formalities in 45 minutes before scheduled flight departure time.

International/Regional flight departure from Shenzhen airport: Closing service for transacting the formalities in 45 minutes before scheduled flight departure time.