CZ8354 CGK-SZX Flight Travel Requirements

Dear passengers:

According to the latest update of China Embassy in Jakarta regarding travel requirements, which announced on December 25th, 2021, China Southern Airlines CZ8354 flights departing from Jakarta-Shenzhen are now updated the travel requirements accordingly as follows (effective from January 4st, 2022) :

1. Pre-flight Test Arrangements (Local Time)

1). The First PCR Test (D-7 before departure)

Every passenger is required to take the first PCR test (7 days before departure) at MEDISTRA HOSPITAL, test location: Wisma Aldiron drive-thru from 07:30-11:00 am.

2). The Second & Third PCR test (D-2 before departure)

Passengers who passed the qualification on the first test are required to take the second and third PCR test (2 days before departure) at 2 different hospitals, which are: SOS Medika Klinik Cipete (test location: SOS Medika office building parking lot) & MEDISTRA HOSPITAL (test location: Wisma Aldiron drive-thru) from 07:30-11:00 am.

3). Other Relevant Requirement

According to China Embassy updated notice, there are other requirements for passengers on below conditions who need to do N-protein Serology IgM antibody test (with CLIA method) besides PCR test as mentioned, which are:

(1) Passenger who has not tested positive Covid-19 history, but has taken non-inactivated vaccine, such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer etc.

(2) Passenger who has not taken any vaccines.

(3) Passenger who has tested positive Covid-19 history.

For passengers who have one of above conditions must take Serology IgM antibody test 2 days before departure at Medistra Hospital, test location: Wisma Aldiron drive-thru.

2. Prevention Managements before Flight

All passengers are requested to strictly follow the latest regulations issued by the Embassy to conduct prevention management before the flight departure. Any violation will automatically be considered as not meeting the flight boarding requirements.

1). Pre-Flight Prevention Management for the Local Resident/Foreigners Resident in Indonesia

Business workers going to China must undergo self-quarantine for 21 days before departure and during the time must take the PCR test as mentioned above. Other passengers going to China are required to take the PCR test as mentioned above and have to do self-quarantine (7 days before departure) after the PCR test. Moreover, for passengers who do not live in Jakarta and do not meet self-quarantine conditions can choose the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta, Shangri-La Hotel or Swissôtel Jakarta PIK Avenue designated by China Southern Airlines for quarantine prevention management. During the period of these arrangements, all passengers need to conduct self-health monitoring and complete the "Self-Monitoring for Health Condition Form".

2). Designated Hotels for Business Travelers and Seamen Crew Who Have Temporary Entry in Indonesia

Business travelers and Seamen crew who travel back and forth to/from China and Indonesia within the last 60 days (including) must undergo the quarantine at one of designated hotel by China Southern Airlines as mentioned above, 7 days before departure from Jakarta.

3). All Representative Companies in Indonesia must take on the important responsibility of their employees’ pre-flight prevention management, and strictly carry out any relevant management arrangements. If an employee of the company has a positive PCR test after entering the country, China Southern Airlines will suspend services of the corresponding company’s flights departing from Jakarta for 2-4 weeks.

* Failure to test in the only designated medical institution or use other medical institutions’ test reports will not be recognized by China Southern Airlines. And passengers will not be able to check in for China Southern Airlines flights at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

For more details, please refer to the followings:

1. The official website of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia or the WeChat official account of "平安印尼行".

2. The official website of the China Southern Airlines or the WeChat official account of "南航印尼". Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.

January 7, 2021