Free Accommodation

Ⅰ.Requirements and Standards


1.Passengers flying with:

Connected passenger tickets for the combined transport via China Southern flights, China Southern international code-sharing flights or China Southern international/China Southern international code-sharing flights (Carriers are limited to Chongqing Airlines Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Airlines Co., Ltd.) are included.

2.Connecting time:

8-48hours(included) for international-to-international,international-to-domestic,domestic-to-international

domestic-to-domestic:no connecting flight available before 12:00PM, the scheduled arrival time after 11:00PM and the onward flight departure time after 6:00AM the next day, connecting time less than or equal to 24 hours

(Please go to China Southern Airlines Accomodation Counter near Gate No.50 on the 1st floor of Bai Yun International Airport Terminal 2 for hotel reservation.)

3.Transit in Guangzhou


Grade A hotels


2.First/Business class of international flight transferring to/from international /domestic flight

3.Sky Pearl Gold

4.Skyteam Elite Plus

Grade B hotels

1. First/Business class of domestic flight to/from international/domestic flight

2.Sky Pearl Silver

3. Skyteam Elite

Grade C or D hotels

Other transfer passengers eligible for complimentary accommodation

Online booking is not yet available to Skyteam elite and Skyteam elite plus without Sky Pearl Club membership.  Please go to China Southern Airlines Accomodation Counter near Gate No.50 on the 1st floor of Bai Yun International Airport Terminal 2 to book a hotel  by presenting valid membership card.

Mileage redemption tickets are regarded as normal tickets,  complying with the above standards.

Airline staff tickets in any ticketing and reservation status are not eligible for transfer complimentary accommodation.


1. Visit the website of China Southern Airlines (Home>Online Services>Transit Accommodation) to book a hotel by yourself. Availability will be reserved until three hours after the arrival of your flight.Grade A hotels offer a limited number of rooms. In order to ensure a smooth journey and avoid room unavailability, you are advised to book a hotel in advance.

2. You can also ask the ticketing officer to help book a hotel when you purchase a ticket.

3. If you fail to successfully book a hotel, you can directly check in at the transfer check-in counter after arriving at Guangzhou.

4. Transfer check-in counter: Passengers who have booked a hotel for a transfer in Guangzhou need to go to the check-in counter at Gate 50 of Terminal 2 after the arrival of the flight, and the counter will confirm the information about your stay and arrange for a free pickup.

5. International passengers must hold a valid stay permit.


1. China Southern Airlines offers passengers who are qualified for free transit accommodation a free stay for one night (including a free breakfast) and transportation between the terminal and the hotel. Any costs for additional services need to be paid by passengers. For the length of stay, refer to the requirements of the hotel.