A380 introduction

Introducing A New World of Comfort - China Southern’s New Airbus 380

China Southern Airlines Company Limited, a SKYTRAX four-star airline, will be the first air carrier in China to operate the Airbus 380 super jumbo aircraft. China Southern is proud to operate the largest passenger capacity, largest modern jet fleet and the most sophisticated integrated airline network with the highest safety standards of any airline in China.

New Flagship Opens Up the World

1. Super Jumbo in the Sky

Double-deck cabin provides 40% more passenger capacity

The Airbus 380 is the world’s largest double-deck and wide-body jet aircraft with a passenger capacity 40% more than the existing largest aircraft type. The Airbus 380 is the true air jumbo, as it is 72.23 meters long, 79.15 meters wide and 24.07 meters high, takeoff weight reaching 560 tons, and the flight distance reaching 15,000 kilometers. The total area of the twin decks is 550 square meters, equals to three tennis courts!

2. Green Air Travel

1)The A380 provides exceptional fuel efficiency; fuel consumption per passenger per 100 kilometers is less than three liters and equivalent to that of a standard family automobile.

2) China Southern’s A380 adopts the lightest, cleanest and the most environmentally friendly engines in the industry today.

3. Latest Technology Provides Extraordinary Comfortable Experience

1) Fresh air changes per three minutes: a super-efficient air filtration system circulates the cabin air every three minutes, as four high-performance air regenerating devices replace the traditional double air outlets, which refresh you on board a long-distance journey.

2) Lowest noise equates to quiet comfort: China Southern’s A380 minimizes engine noise with its unique designs to herald one of the quietest in-flight experiences in the world.

3) The sophisticated mood lighting system creates a special ambiance within the cabin.

4) Abundant video and audio resources will create an audiovisual feast: The digital onboard entertainment system presents more than 600 hours of programming with 1,200 channels and 1,000 Gigabytes of entertainment.

5) A window to the world: With 180 windows, the A380 presents the world in all its beauty throughout its double deck; presenting natural sunshine and more breathtaking vistas.

6) Barrier-free design: China Southern Airlines’ A380 offers adjustable seating, oversized toilets and other special facilities for people with a disability