Transfer information



1.Seat bus To Ga-gyeong-Terminal(747) Cheongju Airport↔Sangdag Park↔Bokdae Cross Road↔Gagyeong Terminal
2.Seat bus To Shintan(407) Cheongju Airport↔Naedeokdong↔Sangdang Park↔Yukgeori- Cheoksan ↔Shintan
3.Town Bus To Seoul Nambu Terminal Buk Cheongju↔Seoul Nambu Terminal
4.Town Bus To Seoul (Gangnam Central City) Buk Cheongju → Seoul (Gangnam Central City)
5.Limousine To Daejeon Dongbu Terminal Cheongju Airport↔Daejeon Dongbu Terminal
6.Limousine To Cheonan/Chungju Cheonan -> Cheongju Airport -> Chungju

Airport Tax

23000 won, free for children under 12

Personal Duty-free Articles

Telephone No. 043)213-3500-6
Duty-free articles: cosmetics, perfumes, clothing and other articles of daily use, watches, jewels, souvenirs, wine, cigarette (within $4,000)

An Overview of Airport Facilities

Located in Chungcheongbuk, Cheongwon, Naesu-eup, Ipsang-ri, Cheongju International Airport opened as a military airbase in September 1978, and in 1984, international airport construction began. The construction was completed on December 1996, and it was opened with the name of Cheongju International Airport on April 28, 1997. It was then used as a major airport of central Korea. 165km from Gimpo International Airport, 250km from Incheon International Airport, 120km from Kunsan Airport, Cheongju International Airport is at the heart of Korea's inland area and boasts a radiating traffic network. It can take 1,230 thousand persons in domestic line and 1,150 thousand persons in international line on annual basis, and also the parking lots can hold 770 vehicles. In addition, airplanes can operate 196,000 times a year. Currently, there are domestic flights to Jeju and international flights to Beijing, Yanji, Changsha, Chengdu, Bangkok, and so force.
Chungcheongbuk Sightseeing Tour
Open time: 07:00~22:00      Telephone No. 82-43-214-2114, 210-6616
Shinhan Bank
Open time: 09:00~16:00     Telephone No. 82-43-215-1087, 214-6385
Mobile Roaming Service
Open time: flight operation time     Telephone No. 82-43-214-9070
Open time: 06:30~19:00     Telephone No. 82-43-214-2331
Smoking Room
Open time: 09:00-19:00     Telephone No. 82-43-213-8090

Useful Information—Check-in Counters

Korean Airlines counters on the 1st floor of international lines
(Check-in counters are closed 40 minutes before the scheduled time of departure)

Useful Information—VIP Lounge

VIP lounge 2- exclusive use for international line
VIP lounge 3- exclusive use for domestic line