Hohhot Baita International Airport is located east of Hohhot, a linear distance of 15 km from the downtown area.  


Check-in counters



C1-C8, C8-15


D Zone

Check-in Time

Check-in stops 45 minutes before take-off.

Counter for printing ticket reimbursement vouchers 

Location : Head of D Zone (There is no CSAir ticket counter at present)  

Hours : 07:00-23:30  



 Shuttle buses run between the airport and the downtown area following two routes, namely No.1 route from Baita Airport to West Railway Station and No.2 route from Baita Airport to HNA Grand Hotel Portman Hohhot. Single-trip fare: RMB 15 / person

Hohhot Baita Airport is serviced by No.97 and No.12 bus lines.


The taxi pick-up point is located outside Gate 3 of Arrivals Hall on the 1st floor.


Baita Airport is located 10 km east of Hohhot. It is 15 km from the city center, 8 km from East Railway Station, and 16.7 km from West Railway Station in linear distance. 

Airport Facilities

The terminal is an integrated terminal building, which is connected to the transportation center. The terminal building has 2 floors above ground. The floors mainly have functions as follows:

F2: Domestic and international departures Passengers of domestic flights go through security check on this floor. Passengers of international flights go through customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, border control and security check on this floor. This floor also includes a domestic first/business class lounge, dining and resting areas.

F1: Domestic and international arrivals The facilities include a domestic and international luggage claim hall, an international arrivals hall, customs inspection counters, a domestic-domestic transit area, a domestic apron departures hall, and a VIP lounge.

Please go to the 1st floor if you come to meet passengers. The airport also provides passengers with friendly and convenient ground services, such as changing rooms, ATMs, and hotel consulting service.