Zhuhai Sanzao Airport is located in Jinwan District of Zhuhai on the west bank of Pearl River estuary, about 35 km from the downtown area. It sits at the southwest end of Sanzao Island and is surrounded by the sea on three side, providing enough free space.

Airport Site Plan

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1.Airport Express Bus Guide:








Airport Passenger Transport Station


Level 1, Arrival Hall, Zhuhai Jinwan Airport

Dependent on destination

RMB 3/person

(The purchase of travel insurance on a voluntary basis, please let us know if you decide not to purchase)

Zhongzhu Mansion City Terminal


Level 1, Zhongzhu Mansion, Gongbei Yingbin Avenue

RMB 25/person

Gongbei Port City Terminal


Level 1, Zhuhai Charming Holiday Hotel, Gongbei Customs, Zhuhai City

RMB 25/person

Jiuzhou Port Passenger Transport Station


Qinglv South Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City

RMB 25/person

Xiangzhou Swan Hotel


No. 98, Yinhua Road, Xiangzhou, District, Zhuhai City (North of 888 Commercial Street)

RMB 25/person

Tangjia City Terminal


Level 1, Dragon Union Hotel, Tangjia, Zhuhai City

RMB 30/person

Zhuhai Railway Station City Terminal


Next to bus station outside Gongbei Railway Station, Zhuhai City

RMB 25/person

Mingzhu Railway Station City Termina


Shop 1, Fujin Plaza, Mingzhu Railway Station, Shangchong, Zhuhai City

RMB 25/person

Jinjiang Inn City Terminal (Gongbei)


Level 1, Jinjiang Inn (Gongbei), No. 2, Jianye 5th Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City

RMB 25/person

Huafa Mall City Terminal


Shop 106, Level 1, Huafa Mall A, No. 8 Zhuhai Avenue, Zhuhai City

RMB 25/person

Doumen City Terminal (Qianbai Hotel)


Qianbai Hotel Lobby, No. 39

RMB 15/person

Doumen Riviera (Jinxiu Rongcheng Commercial Street Happy Travel)


No. 23, Riviera, Jinxiu Rongcheng Commercial Street, Zhufeng Avenue, Doumen District)

RMB 15/person

Hongqi Manhattan Hotel


Level 1, Manhattan Hotel, No. 50 Honghui 1st Road, Hongqi Town, Jinwan District

RMB 15/person

Sanzao Greentree Inn


Greentree Inn Lobby, Golden Coast Avenue West, Sanzao Town, Jinwan District

RMB 10/person

Penguin Hotel


Penguin Hotel Ticketing Counter, Chimelong International Tourist Resort, Hengqin

RMB 30/person

The Circus Hotel


Circus Hotel Level 1 Ticketing Counter, Chimelong International Tourist Resort, Hengqin

RMB 30/person

Hengqin Bay Hotel


Hengqin Bay Hotel Level 1 Ticketing Counter, Chimelong International Tourist Resort, Hengqin

RMB 30/person

Zhongshan Sanxiang City Terminal


No. 65, Wenchang Road, Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City

RMB 25/person

Zhongshan Tanzhou Sky Line Hotel


No. 133, Nantan Road, Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan City (Diagonally opposite China Telecom)

RMB 18/person

Zhongshan Guosheng Station


Guosheng Station, Yihua Fuye

RMB 35/person

Jiangmen City Terminal


No. 100, Yuejin Road, Jiangmen City

Free with valid air tickets

Galaxy Macau


MacauGalaxy Travel Counter, Galaxy Macau Lobby, Estrada da Baía de Nossa Senhora da Esperança

Macau to Airport: HKD 100/person, Airport to Macau: RMB 100/person.

2.Public Bus Guide:

Bus Number

Bus Route

Operation Hours


Ticketing Method

Pricing Method


Zhuhai Airport - Zhuhai Railway Station


RMB 2 - RMB 5

Purchase on bus

Zoning fare

Zhuhai Railway Station - Zhuhai Airport



Zhuhai Airport - Bei'ao


RMB 2 - RMB 4

Purchase on bus

Zoning fare

Bei'ao - Zhuhai Airport


Note: The above timings are subject to change without prior notice, the actual departure time is subject to the announcement made by the bus company.

3.Taxi Guide: The taxis are available at the waiting area in front of the terminal building. Passengers can proceed to take a taxi at the level 1 entrance of the arrival hall. The airport has a dedicated waiting lane for taxis. They will queue up for passengers and the fare will be calculated based on the meter reading. It takes 40 - 60 minutes to reach town by taxi.






Starting Fare (RMB)

Distance Rate after 3 km (RMB/km)


Airport Taxi (yellow)

Class I




Class II





City Taxi (green)

Class I




Class II



Jetta, Corolla, Kia, Hyundai


Doumen Taxi (blue)

Class II




4.Self-drive Guide: Drive 2.9 km along Middle Jiuzhou Avenue, go straight to West Jiuzhou Avenue, and then drive along East Zhuhai Avenue to S366. Drive 18.4 km then turn left to S272, go straight along S272 following the signs to Sanzao Airport. It takes about 45 minutes from the city to the airport.

Zhuhai Airport car park is located right in front of the terminal building. It has an area of 40,000 square meters and 2 zones (zone A and zone B). There are total of 1,000 parking lots available and fares are calculated and collected based on the parking duration. This car park is mainly used for temporary parking and overnight parking.

Parking Charges:

Small Vehicles (coaches with less than 20 seats, and trucks less than 2 tons): RMB 5/hour, with a maximum charge of RMB 50 within 24 hours.

Big Vehicles (coaches with more than 20 seats, and trucks more than 2 tons): RMB 10/hour, with a maximum charge of RMB 100 within 24 hours.

Free Parking: For passengers taking return flights from Zhuhai Airport, their overnight vehicle can be parked for free for up to 7 days (inclusive).


(1) Promotion during Spring Festival and 7-day National Day holiday: RMB 5/hour per vehicle, with a maximum charge of RMB 25 within 24 hours. During the 6-day Air Show period, standard rates apply: RMB 5/hour per vehicle, with a maximum charge of RMB 50 within 24 hours.

(2) Apply for promotional parking rate: Passengers can present their departure/same-day arrival boarding passes and parking stub (valid on the same day) to the parking office to apply for promotional parking rate.

(3) Helpline: 0756-7773333

(4) Overnight vehicle refers to a vehicle which has been parked for a period of more than 8 consecutive hours.

(5) The promotion starts from October 10, 2016, and is subject to change without prior notice. Please follow on-site actual rules and terms.

Airport Tel

Inquiries: 0756-7771111

Ticketing: 0756-7773333

Complaints: 0756-7778888

Medical Emergencies: 0756-7772120

Airport Express: 0756-8111333

Airport Lost and Found: 0756-7771947

Check-in Counter Information

Row G China Southern Airlines Check-in Counter (G01 - G10, subject to change according to the Information Board)

Check-in starts 90 minutes before time of departure

Check-in ends 40 minutes before time of departure

Boarding ends 15 minutes before time of departure