Shanghai Hongqiao


2550 Hongqiao Road, Changning District, Shanghai

Airport Site Plan

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Airport Traffic Guide

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No.4 hub line: To Zizhu Hi-tech Zone in Minhang District
No.9 hub line: To Jiading District
No.1 airport line: To Pudong Airport
No.941 bus line: To Shanghai Railway Station
No.316 bus line (night): To Bund on Yan’an East Road


The taxi pick-up point is on the south side of Gate 4 of T2 Arrivals Hall (ground).


Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport are connected by No.2 rail transit line (Hongqiao Airport T2 - Pudong Airport). No.2 rail transit line is also referred to as green line.


Passengers from Shanghai suburbs, Jiangsu and Zhejiang can enter Shenyang-Haikou Highway (G15), and then drive along Songze Viaduct till the northwest exit of Hongqiao Transportation Hub;

Airport Services

Business Center

Passengers can make domestic and international long-distance calls, receive faxing and photocopying services, and have Internet access at three places: No.A5 waiting area of Departures Hall in Building A, the luggage depositary of Departures Hall in Building B, and the first-class lounge by B11 boarding gate of Departures Hall.


There are two clinics, one near the security check gates in Domestic Departures Hall on the 2nd floor of Building A, the other on the right side of Domestic Arrivals Hall on the 1st floor of Building B

Smoking Room

A5, A8 and A9 waiting areas in Departures Hall of Building A; B1 waiting area in Departures Hall of Building B; B11 waiting area in Departures Hall of Building B.

Multi-function room

The cafe in B1 waiting area of Departures Hall in Building B provides a variety of entertainment options, such as chess, cards and puzzles. You can also read magazines and newspapers here.


Restaurants are mainly located by Gate 1 of Arrivals Hall in Building A (where people meet passengers); in A4 and A5 waiting areas, and by Gate 4 of Arrivals Hall in Building B (where people meet passengers); on the south side of Departures Hall in Building B (where people see off passengers), and between B6 and B11 waiting areas of Departures Hall in Building B.

International mall and shopping center

The international mall and shopping center in International Departures Hall mainly sells famous, unique and quality goods of Chinese characteristics, such as wines, tea, handicrafts, jade objects, stationeries, and ethnic costumes.


Check-in counters

The check-in counters for China Southern Airlines at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport are D10-D21, of which D19 is for first class and business class check-in, D20 is for SkyPriority check-in, D21 is for Sky Pearl economy class check-in, and D10-18 are for economy class check-in.

Check-in Time

Check-in stops 45 minutes before take-off.

Counter for printing ticket reimbursement vouchers

Location: Inside Gate 4 of T2

Hours: 6:30 AM-20:30