Shanghai Pudong

About the Airport

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is located in the coastal area along Jiangzhen, Shiwan, and Zhuqiao of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China. It covers an area of 40 square kilometers and is about 30 kilometers from the city center. The airport is now offering service to 48 Chinese and foreign airlines, with routes covering more than 90 international (regional) cities and 62 domestic cities.

Airport Facilities

China Southern Airlines is operating at Terminal 2 of the airport, which is on the east side of Terminal 1. With a construction area of 480,000 square meters, the building embodies the scientific outlook on development, and is designed to meet the operation needs of base airlines and alliance hubs. Centered on people, it seeks to maximize convenience for passengers. Terminal 2 has three levels, which makes it easy for passengers to transit.

Level 1: Arrival Area, Domestic Arrival Area 2D; passengers may take taxies on this floor.

Level 2: Pick-up Area, Domestic Arrival Area 2C; International Arrival Area 2A.

Level 3: Departure Area, where passengers on domestic and international flights go through check-in procedures and check baggage. For China Southern Airlines, its domestic check-in area is located at Island L (Counters 19-34); international check-in area at Island D (Counters 29-36).

Boarding Procedure

International Departure: Passengers enter the International Check-in Area through the connecting bridge on Level 2 of Traffic Center or the Departure Hall on Level 3 to go through check-in procedures ---> JIU District ---> Health Quarantine Inspection ---> Exit Frontier Inspection ---> Security Check ---> Customs Inspection ---> International Departure Hall, T2 ---> take mini train to S2 (International Departure) ---> (far-end) boarding gate ---> board

Special Notice: The International Check-in Area of China Southern Airlines is located at Island D, Terminal 2 of Pudong International Airport (Counters 29-36). The CSAir VIP lounge is operated by Shanghai Airport VIP Service Co, Ltd.: VIP Lounge 69

International Arrival: The aircraft lands at the boarding bridge of S2 ---> passengers get off to the International Arrival Level of S2 via the international corridor bridge ---> take the mini train to JIU District of T2 ---> Health Quarantine Inspection ---> Entry Frontier Inspection ---> International Baggage Claim Hall ---> Animal and Plant Quarantine (sampling inspection) ---> Customs Inspection ---> Pick-up Hall ---> Traffic Center or go downstairs to Level 1/ B1.

Transportation Guide

1. Airport Shuttle Bus

Airport Line 1: Pudong International Airport - Hongqiao International Airport T2: RMB 30

Airport Line 2: Pudong International Airport - Jing'an Temple RMB 22

Airport Line 3: Pudong International Airport - Longyang Road Metro Station (RMB 16) - Dapu Road (RMB 20) - Zhaojiabang Road/ Tianping Road (RMB 20) - Yinhe Hotel (RMB 24)

Airport Line 4: Pudong International Airport - Deping Road/ Pudong Avenue (RMB 16) - Wujiaochang (RMB 20) - Yunguang New Village (RMB 22) - Lu Xun Park (RMB 22)

Airport Line 5: Pudong International Airport - Yangjinggang Bridge (RMB 16) - East Hospital (RMB 18) - Middle Yan'an Road/ North Chengdu Road (RMB 20) - Shanghai Railway Station (RMB 22)

Airport Line 6 (21: 00-24: 00) Pudong International Airport -Longdong Avenue/ Keyuan Road (RMB 14) - Longyang Road Metro Station (RMB 16) - Zhangyang Road/ Dongfang Road (RMB 18) - Laoximen (RMB 20) - No. 1 Shimen Road/ Middle Yan'an Road (RMB 22) - West Yan'an Road/ Huashan Road (RMB 22) - Anhua Road/ Dingxi Road (RMB 24)

Airport Line 7: Pudong International Airport - Chuansha Road/ East Huaxia Road (RMB 8) - Shangnan Road/ West Huaxia Road (RMB 16) - Shanghai South Railway Station (RMB 20)

Airport Loop Line: Pudong Airport Terminal – Hang Cheng Yuan (RMB 3). Departure time (Hang Cheng Yuan): 8:00 a.m.

For more information, please call the Pudong Airport Hotline at 96990.

2. Taxi

A taxi stand is located at Gate 28 on Level 1 (Arrival). The airport is 30 kilometers away from the city center.

3. Metro

Meglev: Pudong International Airport - Longyang Road Subway Station: RMB 50 (20% off if you present your itinerary), Metro Line 2 (7: 00-22: 00): Pudong International Airport - East Xujing Subway Station: RMB 8

For more information, please call the Pudong Airport Hotline at 96990.

4. Driving

(1) City Center - Nanpu Bridge - Longdong Avenue - Far East Avenue (G1501 Shanghai Ring Expressway) - Yingbin Avenue (S1)

(2) City Center - Xupu Bridge - Outer Ring (S20 Outer Ring Expressway) - Yingbin Avenue (S1)

(3) City Center - Lupu Bridge - Jiyang Road - Outer Ring (S20 Outer Ring Expressway) - Yingbin Avenue (S1)

(4) Xinzhuang/ Shanghai South Railway Station (surrounding area) - Shangzhong Road Tunnel – Middle Ring Road - Huaxia Elevated Road - Yingbin Avenue (S1)

(5) Chongming - G42 (Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway) - G1501 Shanghai Ring Expressway - Yingbin Avenue (S1)

(6) Zhejiang – Shanghai-Jiaxing-Huzhou Expressway (S32) -Pudong International Airport

(7) Taicang/ Nantong of Jiangsu - Shenhai Expressway (G15) -G1501 (to outer ring tunnel) – Shanghai-Jiaxing Expressway (S5) - Middle Ring Road - Xiangyin Road Tunnel - Wuzhou Avenue - G1501 (to Pudong Airport) - S1

Check-in Counters

The check-in counters of China Southern Airlines are located at Island L (Domestic, Counters 19-34); and Island D (International, Counters 29-36).

First Class/ Business Class passengers and Sky Pearl members on domestic flights may go via Gate 29 to the nearest check-in area on Island L (1-3). First Class/ Business Class passengers and Sky Pearl members on international flights may go via Gate 22 to the nearest check-in counters at Island D (29-30).

Check-in opens: 3 hours prior to flight departure

Check-in closes: 45 minutes before flight departure (domestic)

50 minutes before flight departure (international)