Hainan Meilan International Airport (HMIA) is located at Haikou, the Capital city of Hainan Province and was officially open on May 25, 1999. 220 airlines are opened in all, including 211 domestic lines, 2 regional lines and 7 international lines. The destinations include 65 cities, 56 of which are domestic cities, two regional cities of HK and Macau, and seven international cities. In 2004, the passenger throughput reached 7.48 million. To improve hardware facilities and meet the requirements of the increasing number of passengers and cargos when the air traffic rights are open, HMIA started the construction of the airport terminal and continued the construction of the station site in 2005, which were put into use at 0:00 on Dec. 31, 2005, increasing the area of the terminal to 99,300 m² and meeting the passenger throughput of 9.3 million per year, and the cargo throughput of 135,000 tons per year.

Transfer Information

Domestic-domestic flight transfer: 50 min; international-international transfer: 100min. When the transit boarding pass is obtained, just follow the signs to the Security Gate and follow the signs to the nearest transit boarding gate. Haikou transit counter of China Southern Airlines is located in China Southern Airlines Counter 23 in the third area of Meilan Airport.

Means of Transport

To downtown: airport express 15 yuan; taxi 50yuan (23km)
UThe airport express bus works from 6:00am till the last flight stops, 30mins a shift and 15yuan per person. He who takes the plane of China Southern Airlines can take the bus for free. The boarding site is the gate of Civil Aviation Hotel at Haixiu Road. Those with air tickets of Hainan Airlines can take Hainan Airline bus for free at the terminal of the original airport. Buses 21 and 41 in the city can reach Meilan Airport at the price of 5.00 yuan per person.

Airport Tax

RMB50 yuan (usu. included in the ticket). Children under 12 are exempted.

Individual Free Articles

Hainan Company of China Southern Airlines has no international flights temporarily.

Overview of Airport Facilities

The self-service check-in counter is located nearby China Southern Airlines Counter 19/entrance to Area 3 of Departure Hall in Meilan Airport. You can go through the Boarding Proceduress and print the boarding pass on the day you take the plane. The whole terminal is installed with devices to serve the handicapped people, including blind walkways, unaccompanied wheelchair passenger rest area, free elevator, automatic water device and rest room for the people in the wheelchair. 24hour mother-infant lounge is set near the boarding gate 17 at the terminal. The free inquiry system of China Telecom and IC telephones are installed throughout areas 1-5 of Meilan Airport. The Airport Medical Centre at the first floor of arrival hall opens from 09:00 till the flights stops. Tel: 0898-65751920.

Useful Information—Check-in Counter

In the third area of the departure hall in the second floor of the terminal building, China Southern Airlines Check-in Counters are located in Counters 63-72,the service of Boarding Procedures stops 45min before the scheduled departure time of the flight

Useful Information—Airport VIP Lounge

VIP passenger lounge of both cabins is located opposite to the boarding gate 5, at the isolated area of the departure hall in the second floor. The departure time: 05:10 a.m.— end of the departure flights.