About the Airport

Harbin Taiping International Airport is located about 33 kilometers southwest of Harbin city.

Airport Transportation Guide

1. Airport shuttle bus

To downtown Harbin:

Line 1: Airport - Kang'an Road (Kate Plaza entrance) - Tongda Street - Anfa Bridge (Xinyang Road and Anhong Street intersection) - Harbin Railway Station - Civil Aviation Hotel

Line 2: Airport - Muslim Quarter - Harbin West Bus Station - Clothing Center - Xuefu Hotel - Hexing Shopping Mall - Lesong Plaza - Nongken Building - Tianyang Hotel - Convention and Exhibition Center - Haihe East Road

Line 3: Airport - Chilun Road - Xinyang Road and Anhong Street intersection - Central Street (North Korea Store) - Baqu (Baoyu Rongyao Shangcheng) - Daowai Bus Station (Nanji International) - Harbin Engineering University (No. 49) - Taiping Bridge (Shangwei Hongchang) - Harbin East Railway Station

Line 4: Airport - Chilun Road - Qunli Branch of the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University - Grand Shopping Center Qunli - Qianjin Daokou - Harbin Highway Bridge - Harbin Ice and Snow World - Dagengjia - Harbin North Railway Station - Xueyuan Road

Wanda City Line: Airport - Yangmingtan Bridge - Jiangbei Wanda City

To Harbin airport:

Line 1: Civil Aviation Hotel - No. 75 Edmonton Road - Airport

Line 2: Haihe East Road - Convention and Exhibition Center - Tianyang Hotel - Nongken Building- Lesong Plaza - Hexing Shopping Mall - Xuefu Hotel - Clothing Center - Harbin West Bus Station - Muslim Quarter - Airport

Line 3: Harbin East Railway Station - Taiping Bridge (Shangwei Hongchang) - Harbin Engineering University (No. 49) - Daowai Bus Station (Nanji International) - Baqu (Baoyu Rongyao Shangcheng) - Central Street (North Korea Store) - Xinyang Road and Anhong Street intersection - Chilun Road - Airport

Line 4: Xueyuan Road - Harbin North Railway Station - Dagengjia - Harbin Ice and Snow World - Harbin Highway Bridge - Qianjin Daokou - Grand Shopping Center Qunli - Qunli Branch of the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University - Chilun Road - Airport

Wanda City Line: Jiangbei Wanda City - Yangmingtan Bridge - Airport

Airport shuttle bus hotlines:

Line 1: 0451-82894010

Line 2: 0451-88001886

Line 3: 0451-82285016

Line 4: 0451-82285016

Wanda City Line: 0451-88001886

2. Airport shuttle bus to other cities:

Harbin Airport to Daqing: Every 30-60 minutes from 09:40 to 22:40

Harbin Airport to Qiqihar: 10:40, 12:00, 13:20, 14:30, 15:40, 16:50, 18:10, 19:30, 20:50

Harbin Airport to Jiamusi: 13:30, 16:30

3. Taxi:

Pickup location: Central lane outside the airport terminal on the first floor.

4. Driving:

The airport expressway provides easy access from the airport to various locations in the downtown area. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the downtown area.

Airport inquiry hotline



Domestic check-in counters

The domestic check-in counters of China Southern Airlines are located in Island A. Among them, A07 is Military Priority and Sky Pearl Gold & Silver Card counter, A08 is Sky Pearl Gold & Silver Card counter, A09 is First & Business Class and SkyPriority counter, A10 is Senior Customer Service Manager counter, A16 is Emergency Passenger counter, A17 is Special Passenger and Premium Economy counter, A18 is Shift Supervisor and Staff Service counter, A19 is Group Passenger counter, A20 is Accessibility counter, and the rest A01-A06 and A11-A15 are regular check-in counters.
The counters for information inquiry, ticket sales and excess baggage charging are situated at the head of Island A.

Counter for printing proof of ticket reimbursement 

Location: At the end of Island A in the Departure Hall on the second floor

Service hours: 06:00 to the departure of the last flight

Airport Facilities

Harbin Taiping International Airport is divided into a domestic terminal and an international terminal.

The domestic terminal is comprised of three floors. The first floor is for arrivals, the second floor is for departures, and the lower ground floor is the parking lot. Airport shuttle buses arrive outside the Arrivals Hall on the first floor, from where passengers can take the elevator to the Departure Hall on the second floor. The airport inquiry counter and accessible counter are located at the end of Island C in the Domestic Departure Hall. Lost and found, the business center, and the left luggage area are located next to counter 10 of Island A. The luggage packing area is located next to Gate 2 opposite the end of Island A.

The international terminal is located in the old terminal building of Harbin airport. It can also be reached by shuttle bus or car by following the signs. The international information desk can be found at the entrance to the International Departure Hall, while the check-in area is located on the second floor.