Changsha Huanghua International Airport is located in Huanghua Village, Changsha County, Changsha, Hunan. It began construction in 1986 and officially opened on August 29, 1989; its Terminal 2 opened on July 19, 2011; and the second runway began operations on March 30, 2017.

Airport Site Plan

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Airport Traffic Guide

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Airport buses: The ticket and information counters can be found at Gate 5 in the Arrivals lobby of Terminal 2. There are 12 bus platforms to pick you up outside of the Arrivals lobby.
4 lines head to downtown Changsha:
1. Airport - Gaoqiao Nandamen - Railway Station;
2. Airport - Changsha South Railway Station - South Bus Station;
3. Airport - West Bus Station;
4. Airport - Changsha Avenue Metro Line 2.
16 lines head to surrounding cities including Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Yiyang, Changde, Yueyang, Pingxiang, Liuyang, etc.

Note: In case of special circumstances such as bad weather, bus faults, traffic accidents, congestion, and temporary traffic controls, the bus schedules and times may be adjusted temporarily. For details, please contact the airport bus service at 0731-84798076.At the airport bus ticket counters on the arrivals floor of Huanghua Airport, passengers can also buy tickets for long-distance buses departing from the bus stations of Longxiang Group (including the East Bus Station, South Bus Station, West Bus Station, Lituo Bus Station, Changzhutan Bus Station, and Liuyang Bus Station).

Maglev express line: Runs between the Airport and Changsha South Railway Station (stops at Langli station). Fares are based on distance: RMB20/person between Changsha South Railway Station and the Airport, RMB10/person between the Airport and Langli Station, and RMB10/person between Langli Station and Changsha South Railway Station. Maglev trains from the Airport station start at 7:00 AM and end at 10:30 PM. The Airport Maglev station is located next to the control tower between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Huanghua Airport. You can get there through the transfer passage at Entry 1 on the departures floor of Terminal 2.

Taxi: The pick-up area is located at Exit 5 of the Arrivals lobby. This is the only taxi pick-up location specified by the airport. There are dedicated passageways for people in need, as well as information such as taxi guidelines, taxi fare standards, reference fares for major regions, the service number of the Changsha Passenger Transport Administration (0731-84303488), etc.

Check-in Counter Information

Check-in counters: On the departures floor of Terminal 2, with A01-A12 and A15 counters in Aisle A (China Southern Airlines dedicated check-in aisle) for domestic flights and D69-D72 counters in Aisle D for international flights.

Self-service machines: In front of Aisle A on the departures floor of Terminal 2.

Check-in ends 40 minutes prior to departure.