Our kiosk is a convenient way of going through the relevant procedures by passenger themselves. The self-service check-in is a new way of check-in which is distinguished from the traditional check-in counters. There is no need for the passengers who use the kiosks to wait for print boarding passes and to allocate seats by airport clerks. Instead, passengers can access all their flight data with the specific check-in certificate at a kiosk, and choose their seats, validate related check-in information and finally get their boarding passes according to screen prompts.

You may follow the ten steps below to check in online for your CSN flights after 14:00 one day before your scheduled departure:

The first step: Please scan or input your document NO.

The second step: Please confirm your flight information

The third step: Please choose your seat

The fourth step: Print your boarding pass

Kindly Reminder:

All sorts of special check-in services (Include online check-in, SMS check-in, kiosks) are not available for special passengers and other passengers who are required for double check-in approval. (Include VIP passengers, injuries, the disabled, disabled revolutionary servicemen and policemen, pregnant, the old and children accompany without adults, passengers need special diet and etc.) Please hold your valid ID card or other authentications offered when buying tickets to check in directly on CZ counters in the airport.