Instructions on Safe Transport of Lithium Batteries

In accordance with the ICAO regulations on the transport of dangerous goods and the requirements of the Chinese civil aviation authorities, passengers having to take aboard cell phones, laptops, video cameras and any other electronic devices that contain lithium batteries please abide by the following safety instructions when taking the flight:

I. Please note:

  • 1. Damaged or recalled lithium batteries are prohibited.
  • 2. Lithium batteries and power banks without a label of rated capacity or with illegible labels are prohibited. Please purchase good quality lithium batteries and power banks only!
  • 3. Electronic devices (lithium battery-powered wheelchair excluded) containing lithium batteries and backup batteries with a rated capacity above 160Wh are prohibited.
  • 4. Electronic devices to be stowed away in checked baggage must be thoroughly turned off; turning them to Sleep or Hibernate modes is not allowed; applications, alarms and preprogrammed functions that may possibly activate the device must be shut down completely; accidental activation of the devices must be avoided.
  • 5. Lithium battery-powered personal transit devices like electric self-balancing scooters, hoverboards and bicycles are prohibited.

II. Backup batteries and power banks

  • 1. Do not place backup batteries and power banks in your checked baggage. Please bring them aboard in your carry-on baggage.
  • 2. Turn the power banks off during the entire flight. Do not charge your electronic devices with power bank onboard; do not charge your power banks onboard; do not turn on any other functions of your power banks.

III. Requirements for electronic devices to carry aboard

  • 1. The electronic devices must be for personal use, and the backup batteries must be for such electronic devices.
  • 2. Electronic devices and backup batteries that contain no more than 2g of lithium, or do not exceed 100Wh in rated capacity are not required for declaration; each passenger may carry no more than 15 electronic devices and/or 20 backup batteries; such electronic devices and backup batteries can only be brought aboard as carry-on baggage.

    (Generally speaking, the rated capacity of electronic devices is as follows: cell phone: 3-10Wh, DSLR: 10-20Wh, portable video camera: 20-40Wh, tablet/laptop: 30-100Wh.)

  • 3. Electronic devices and backup batteries containing 2g – 8g of lithium (applicable to portable medical electronics only) or rated 100Wh – 160Wh in capacity must be declared at check-in and carried aboard with the CSAIR approval. At most two backup batteries can be brought aboard and as carry-on baggage only.
  • 4. Electronic devices containing lithium batteries and backup batteries rated above 160Wh in capacity are prohibited (lithium battery-powered wheelchair excluded).

IV. Wrapping of lithium batteries to carry aboard

Lithium batteries shall be independently wrapped in their original retail packages, plastic bags or protective cases, or have their exposed electrodes protected with adhesive tapes to prevent spontaneous explosion or combustion due to friction, collision or short circuit.