Itinerary-related Provisions

I. Itinerary (reimbursement invoice) application instructions

If you purchase a domestic e-ticket on our website and would like to receive an itinerary for reimbursement, you can collect the itinerary (reimbursement invoice) at our e-commerce counter at the local airport on the day of departure; if under special circumstances you cannot get the reimbursement invoice at the airport, please call 4006695539-95539-4 within one month after the day of departure and apply for a postal delivery. The reimbursement invoice will be sent to the passenger by express delivery. Late applications will not be accepted.

II. Refund instructions

If you apply for a refund after receiving an itinerary, first you need to return the itinerary by mail. You shall bear the delivery costs incurred. For details, please call our website service hotline 4006695539+95539+4.

Annex: e-Ticket Reimbursement Invoice (Sample)

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