International Team Sales Management Regulations

I. Scope of application

All CSAir teams on international / regional routes.

II. Provisions for calculating the number of group passengers

Unless otherwise specified, when 10 or more passengers collectively rather than individually take the same flight, fly the same class, depart at the same time, cover the same range, and pay for their tickets together, they shall be considered as a group. The minimum number of passengers required for a specific group product is subject to the product’s pricing regulations.

III. Change, refund, and transfer provisions for group passengers

(A) Voluntary change, refund, and transfer by group passengers

2. No change is allowed

3. No refund is allowed

(B) Involuntary refund by group passengers

1. If a CSAir flight is canceled, advanced or delayed, changes its range, or cannot provide the reserved seats, group passengers can apply for an involuntary refund, CSAir should consider passengers’ reasonable needs and take one of the following measures:

1) Assign such passengers to a CSAir flight with available seats as much as possible;

2) Handle transfer formalities with the consent of passengers and the carrier;

3) Change the range of the original flight, arrange a CSAir flight to transport passengers to their destination or a stopover place, return the overcharge for tickets and excess baggage and demand no payment for any shortage. However, passengers need to pay for extra taxes, ground transportation costs

2. Provisions on visa denial:

If some group passengers’ visa applications are denied and cannot take the flight, the minimum number of passengers for the group product is still reached, and the number of passengers free of charge is unchanged, such passengers can receive a refund. They need to submit the proof of visa denial or photocopies of the passport page affixed with the visa denial seal, and CSAir should charge each of them CNY1,000 and return the remaining amount. If the ticket price is lower than CNY1,000, only the taxes and surcharges will be returned.

If the number of passengers actually taking the flight does not reach the minimum number of passengers for the group product, but the number of passengers required for issuing the tickets is reached, the group passengers do not need pay for extra charges; the tickets of the passengers not taking the flight are not refundable, but unused taxes (not including YR/YQ) can be returned.

3. The refund procedures for group tickets should be completed where the tickets are originally issued.

(C) Group passengers missing the flight

If group passengers miss the flight, their tickets cannot be changed or refunded.

(D) Modifying and separating group passengers’ seat reservation records

Once the group application is confirmed, the seat reservation records cannot be manually modified or separated in any form.

(E) Correcting passenger names

Once group tickets are issued, at most three letters can be corrected for free. Any correction of passenger names involving more than three letters shall be deemed as voluntary cancellation of the ticket, and retail price should apply to the new ticket.

In case of discrepancies between the above provisions and the actual tariff rules for group passengers, the actual tariff rules for group passengers should prevail.