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CZ388 CGK-CAN Flight Travel Requirement

According to the latest requirements of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Indonesia, starting from November 8th, 2020, All passengers who take flights from Indonesia to China must complete PCR nucleic acid test and IgM antibody test within 2 days (start from sampling date) before boarding, and both present a negative result and carry "HS " the green health code (for Chinese citizen)or the health declaration statement with the “HDC” QR code (Non-Chinese citizen)to the airport. According to the latest notice of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, published on November 29th,2020, Chinese and foreign passengers are not allowed to transit from third country to China via Indonesia (including temporary entry into Indonesia for transit).

In order to better ensure the authenticity and validity of the PCR nucleic acid and IgM Antibody test report, China Southern Airlines only designated two of the medical institutions with COVID-19 nucleic acid test qualifications announced by the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, which are SOS Medika Klinik Cipete and Medistra Hospital for testing. Failure to test in the only designated medical institution or use other medical institutions’ test reports will not be recognized by China Southern Airlines. And passengers will not be able to check in for China Southern Airlines flights at Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport. Therefore, the PCR test schedule for China Southern Airlines CZ388 on every Saturday flight has been adjusted as follows:

1. SOS Medika Cipete (Regular Individual service)

Date Time Place
Thu 07:00 AM-11:00 AM
(test result within 24hours)
SOS Medika Cipete
Office Building Outdoor Parking Lot

● Please contact SOS Medika directly to make an appointment.

a) SOS Medika Email: (preferred contact, 24hours English and Indonesian service)

b) SOS Medika Phone: +62-21-7505-980 (24hours English and Indonesian service)

c) SOS Medika WhatsApp: +62-811-1330-8954 (available for Chinese speakers; working hour 09:00-17:00)

● On the day of the test in SOS Medika Cipete, Passengers must bring:

a) Original Passport

b) 1 copy of Passport

c) completed and signed "MEDICAL PROCEDURE/TREATMENT CONSENT medical procedure, treatment consent form", download link:

2. Medistra Hospital (Corporate Group 30 people above)

Date Time Place
Thu 08:00 AM-12:00 AM
(test result within 24hours)
Next to the WISMA ALDIRON office building
Fri 07:00-11:00
(test result: 3 hours or 6 hours)
Next to the WISMA ALDIRON office building

● On Thursday morning, corporate customer team appointments (more than 30 people) and urgent services need to contact China Southern Airlines to make an appointment for testing

a) China Southern Airlines WhatsApp appointment: +62-811-1310-9582 (Chinese service available; working days 09:00-17:00)

b) Corporate customer team appointments (more than 30 people) will be temporarily designated by China Southern Airlines to conduct testing at Medistra Hospital depending on the situation.

c) MEDISTRA HOSPITAL double check appointment link (in Chinese):

MEDISTRA HOSPITAL test communication, result consultation (English or Indonesian service; 24 hours)

WhatsApp: +62-858-8718-4268; Email:

Please be sure to bring the original passport and a photocopy on the day of the test, and show the appointment number.

For more details, please check:

The official website of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia or the WeChat official account of "平安印尼行"

The official website of the China Southern Airlines or the WeChat official account of "南航印尼". Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


If passenger has COVID-19 symptoms, such as fever (37.3°C or above), cough and other suspected symptoms, please do not arrange the pre-flight PCR test due to China Southern Airlines will directly refuse all the passengers with the above conditions to take the test or to fly to China with CZ388. Do not traveling with illness which may danger yourself and others, please seek medical treatment in local area in time.

China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.

December 2nd,2020