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The Notification on Conditions for Permission to Enter Thailand

In reference to the notification of the Embassy of The People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Thailand on 7Jul,we would like to draw your attention to Thailand's latest immigration policy and points to note:

1. As international connecting flights are not yet available in Thailand, please do not purchase air tickets for connecting flights through Thailand in case of travel disruptions.

2. Permit for passenger aircraft will be given by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand for flying over, flying into or out of, and taking off or landing at an international airport in the Kingdom only if the passengers or persons on board are one of the following categories:

(1) Thai nationals

(2) Persons with exemption or persons being considered, permitted or invited by the Prime Minister,or the head of responsible persons accountable for resolving state of emergency issues to enter the Kingdom, pertaining to necessity. Such consideration, permission or invitation may be subject to specified conditions and time limits.

(3) Persons on diplomatic or consular missions or under International organizations, or representatives of foreign government performing their duties in the Kingdom, or persons of other international agencies as permitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pertaining to necessity, including their spouse, parents, or children.

(4) Carriers of necessary goods, subject to immediate return after completion.

(5) Crew members who are required to travel into the Kingdom on a mission, and have a specified date and time for return

(6) Non-Thai nationals who are a spouse, parents, or children of a Thai national.

(7) Non-Thai nationals who hold a valid certificate of permanent residency in the Kingdom, or permission to take up residence in the Kingdom

(8) Non-Thai nationals who have work permit or have been granted permission from government agencies to work in the Kingdom, including their spouse or children.

(9) Non-Thai nationals who are students of educational institutions approved by Thai authorities, including the parents or guardians of the students, except for students of non-formal educational institutions under the law on Private schools and of other similar private educational institutions.

(10) Non-Thai nationals who are in need of medical treatment in Thailand,and their attendants. However, this shall not include medical treatment for COVID–19.

(11) Non-Thai nationals who are permitted to enter the Kingdom under a special arrangement with a foreign country.

3. Passengers under terms No.2 can apply to the Thai Embassy or Consulate of the host country for Certificate of Entry (COE). Since COE should be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand for approval and issuance, applications should normally be submitted at least 10 working days in advance. At the same time,as required, medical insurance documents covering the treatment of COVID-19 during the stay in Thailand which covering more than $100,000 US dollars, COVID-19 free certificate with RT-PCR Test within 72hours before departure, a 14-day order from the Thai designated quarantine hotel and other files required should be submitted. For further details please contact the Thai Embassy or Consulate of the host country.

4. Passengers must show the relevant documents on terms No.3 to the airlines company when check in.

5. Passengers entering the Kingdom of Thailand must comply with the state quarantine requirements: for passengers who stay short-term (less than 14 days) are required to undergo a COVID-19 real time RT-PCR Test at the airport with their own expenses; for passengers who stay long-term (more than 14days) shall comply with 14 day state quarantine requirements in the designated quarantine hotels or places, passengers who leave their quarantined area without permission will be fined and deported. Please strictly comply with relevant regulations to avoid unnecessary trouble.

The above information is for reference only. China Southern Airlines reminds passengers who plan to travel to Thailand in the near future to take note of the above-mentioned updated entry epidemic prevention policy and arrange your journey properly to avoid unnecessary loss.

Thank you for your understanding and support, wish you a nice trip!

China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.

10 July, 2020