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Flight Tips (updated) - For Flights From China to Netherlands

Dear passengers,

According to the notice of the Dutch Civil Aviation Administration, flights from China to the Netherlands can only carry crew and cargo rather than passengers and luggage, except for the following circumstances:

1. Passengers holding EU, Schengen and UK passports or with permanent residence permits. However, if a passenger holds a non-Dutch passport or has no permanent residence permit in the Netherlands, the passenger must show proof (air ticket, train ticket, etc.) of his/her non-Dutch destination before taking the flight. Such passengers are not allowed to enter the Netherlands directly.

2 .Doctors or patients duly authorized by the Dutch government to entry Netherlands for medical assistance.

This regulation will remain in force until 01:00 on March 28, 2020 (Beijing Time).

To ensure the safety and smoothness of your travel, please be sure to inquire about the relevant entry and exit requirements on the government websites, embassies and consulates websites or the Exit-Entry Administration websites of the transit or destination countries (regions) in advance, and prepare the relevant supporting documents to be presented in advance.

We apologize for the inconvenience may cause to you. Your attention will be appreciated.

China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.

March 26, 2020