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China Southern Airlines completes its first test flight with A380 at Beijing Daxing International Airport

May 13, 2019, Beijing- Test flights were carried out today at Beijing Daxing International Airport. As the largest major carrier in Daxing Airport, China Southern Airlines sent its flagship A380, the world's largest jet, to perform the first test flight.

At 9:03 a.m., Flight CZ7777, China Southern’s maiden test flight operated by the airline’s A380 aircraft took off from Beijing Capital Airport (without regular passenger service), and landed smoothly at Daxing Airport 26 minutes later.

The successful test flight of A380 aircraft, which has the most stringent requirements for runway length, width and pavement strength, means that Beijing Daxing International Airport has reached 4F, the highest airport support level. This indicates the new airport is capable of catering to all types of aircraft for their safe takeoff and landing.

According to the unified deployment of CAAC, China Southern Airlines was among the first to conduct the test flight to inspect the navigation and communication capabilities, facilities, pavement conditions and air clearance of the new airport, as well as the comprehensive support capacity of the various departments at the airport, etc.

In order to test the supporting capacity of Daxing Airport to the maximum extent, China Southern Airlines used A380 aircraft, which is the world's largest jet.

"The whole test flight was steady and smooth, the route design was optimized and reasonable, and the navigation and support facilities runned well and fully met the navigation conditions."Zhang Tao,Captain of CZ7777, said after the test flight.

China Southern Airlines is the largest major carrier in Beijing Daxing International Airport. According to the development plan, China Southern Airlines is expected to operate more than 200 planes in the new airport by 2025,, with more than 900 daily flights.

In the future, China Southern Airlines will build its Beijing hub based in Daxing Airport, by which time the airlines will have its "dual hub"in Guangzhou and Beijing in operation.