China Southern Airlines Frankfurt to Guangzhou flight CZ332 pre-departure flight Nucleic acid testing notice

According to thelatest notification requirements of theChinese Embassy in Germany, from 2 July 2022,passengers going to China must conduct two PCR Covid-19 tests and apply the health code from the Chinese Embassy in Germany. Considering international epidemic prevention, the China Southern Airlines CZ332 Frankfurt-Guangzhou flight will be implemented particular testing and relevant matters required, from October 10, 2022 to November 30, 2022:

1. Nucleic acid testing in strict accordance with the requirements of the Chinese Embassy in Germany:

a. Passengers departing from Germany must contact two nucleic acid tests within 48 hours before departure.

b. The two tests must be conducted in different testing institutions and with two different reagents. The sampling interval between these two tests is more than 24 hours. Among them, the last PCR testshall be conducted within 24 hours before boarding.

c. Please read the latest special requirements which released by the Chinese Embassy in Germany on 29 June 2022:

2. The list of testing service providers designated by China Southern Airlines in Germany is as follows:

Due to the recent shortage of appointments at the Medical Center, if passengers cannot make an appointment for the October 14 flight, the second nucleic acid test needs to be completed at EcoCare, and the first nucleic acid test needs to be completed by other institutions. (Only passengers on flights on October 14, passengers on other subsequent flights make reservations in advance)

No. Testing agency name Testing agency address Testing agency website Remark
It is strongly recommended that passengers go to the following designated testing institutions for their first test.
1 EcoCare (Medical Screening) There are test centers at the airports of 7 major cities in Germany EcoCare can provide the official report which is designed for the health code application requirements of the Chinese Embassy in Germany
2 EcoCare (Medical Screening) Frankfurt airport T1 and T2 Passsengers are NOT allowed to do both tests in EcoCare.(FIRST TEST ONLY)
Passengers must go to Medical Center or Medical Clearing for the second test.
3 Medical Center (Airport Clinic) Frankfurt airport T1 Please prepare the officialnegative test report(either electronic or paper)
4 Medical Clearing (Airport Clinic) Frankfurt airport international transit zone Only for transit passengers, they can use different reagents for double nucleic acid detection

For transit passengers, please reserve at least 10 hours for the transit time for testing and the health code application.

Passengers are requested to prepare the official negative test report (either paper or electronic) issued by the appointed testing agency. China Southern Airlines reserve the right to check the health code and report before the boarding gate, if the passenger fails to provide it boarding may be denied.

3. Reserve 6-hour review time for the health code application

The Chinese Embassy in Germany will issue health codes to passengers who meet the requirements timely. It will take some time to review the health code application; in order to avoid affecting the trip, passengers to China should submit their applicationsat least 6 hours before the departure of the flight from the Germany, and pay attention to maintaining smooth phone communication to avoid missed calls. If others apply for the health code on their behalf, they must also contact the claimant to show the real-time dynamic health code. Passengers are requested to wear masks to reduce the risk of infection when gathering and waiting in areas such as airport check-in, security check, and boarding.

4. Other Important notices

a. It is recommended to have your full itinerary to be printed out and attach along with your checked in baggage. This will help ground handling staff to locate your baggage in case of lost, and to ship to its final destination with carrier accordingly.

b. If the passenger does not meet the travel requirements boarding will be denied, please contact the original ticket purchaser to cancel the reservation of CZ332 before the flight departure to avoid a No-show, as well as keep all necessary documentations for the next travel or any voluntary or involuntary refund process.

c. Contact information

China Southern Airlines 24-hour customer service:

Hotline: +86 4008695539-1-1 (outside), 95539 (inside)

Frankfurt Sales Office:

Tel:(+49) 69 6959 703-40(German local time Monday toFriday 09:00-17:00)


China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.

11 October 2022