Free of charge in domestic flights
Favorable price in regional & 
international flights

Simple & convenient
Select seat on websites & APP

Extra space for
comfortable journey

Which flights support advance seat selection?
ALL domestic and regional & international flights support advance seat selection,excluding flights departing from airports in the following cities:Dhaka, Tehran, Niigata, Osh, Cheongju, Male, Macao, Sabah, Nha Trang, Vladivostok, Chiengmai, Khujand, Duschanbe, Ashkhabad, Kaohsiung and Tashkent.
How to select seats?
Step 1 Log in China Southern Airlines website
Step 2 Enter Online Service
Step 3 Click Seat Reservation
You can also select seat on China Southern Airlines WeChat account or China Southern Airlines APP. See more details in WeChat and APP instructions.
Is advance seat selection charged?
It is charged only when you select original SkyPearl economy-class seats and a few economy-class seats for international flights.
Free of charge advance seat selection
All domestic flights is free of charge;
First class, business class and SkyPearl economy class of regional & international flights is free of charge; and selection of economy-class seats beyond the seats of paid selection is free.
Paid advance seat selection
How is advance seat selection charged?
Long international flights
Long international flights include flights to Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Dubai, etc. Charges of advance seat selection on these flights:
Best-choice seats:RMB 600
Extra space:RMB 600
Standard seats:RMB 100
Short regional & international flights
Best-choice seats:
Standards seats: RMB 30
Select seat now

1. Advance seat selection is available for child passengers, charged as adult passengers, but not for infant passengers.

2. Passengers who are under age 15, with mobility difficulties or pregnant cannot select emergency-exit seats.

3. Passengers can select seats after purchasing tickets and two hours before flight departure. They can cancel the selected seats free of charge 48 hours before flight departure or when the flight model is changed.

4. Passengers making paid advance seat selection on China Southern Airlines e-channel can dial 95539 to demand ordinary VAT invoice 30 days in advance.

5. China Southern Airlines has the right to change the paid selected seats at emergency exit so as to secure flight safety.