Zhuhai city is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Province, and is an important city in west bank of the Pearl River Delta, and links to Macau, and is also one of Chinese special economic zones. Zhuhai City includes Xiangzhou District, Jinwan District, and Doumen District. Zhuhai city has an area of 1,701 km2. The permanent resident population is 1.4811 million (from year 2008 data).


Zhuhai is located in low-latitude subtropical monsoon zone in the south of the Tropic of Cancer, and belongs to subtropical marine climate, with abundant sunshine. The temperature in Zhuhai is high all the year round, and the daily temperature difference is small, and the annual average temperature is at 22.4 ℃ or so, and the historical high temperature is 38.5 ℃, and the minimum temperature is 2.5 ℃ . The period of concentrated rainfall starts from May and ends in September. The pre-flood season generally starts from the last ten-day of April, and the post-flood season is generally from July to September. The disaster whether with greater impact on Zhuhai city includes typhoon, heavy rain, cold air, strong winds and cold dew wind and so on.


1. Zhuhai Fishing Girl

The giant stone carving, located in incense burner bay in Zhuhai city, is the famous tourist attraction. Zhuhai Fishing Girl is one of top ten Zhuhai scenes, and is an iconic sculpture in Zhuhai City. Zhuhai Fishing Girl stone carving is 8.7m in height, and is 10 tons in weight, consisting of 70 granite rocks. The Zhuhai Fishing Girl wears the pearls necklace and wears the netting gear in the waist, and her trousers are rolled upward. With happy and shy expression on the face, she holds a crystal, bright pearl in the hands, indicating light to the world and dedicating the treasures to the mankind.

2. New Yuan Ming Yuan

The theme park under Stone Forest Mountain in Zhuhai city is located in Lanpu, Jiuzhou Avenue. New Yuan Ming Yuan is built according to one to one proportion based on part of landscape of China's well-known Yuan Ming Yuan. It now becomes one of Top ten Zhuhai scenes. Although New Yuan Ming Yuan is themed as Qing imperial garden, it is not an exhibition hall of Yuan Ming Yuan, but has the characteristics of the theme park, and integrates Chinese culture, Western culture, history, tourism, commerce, and catering.

3. Fantasy Water City

Fantasy Water City is a scene-style water park under stone forest mountain in Zhuhai city, located at Lanpu, Jiuzhou Avenue. Fantasy Water City covers an area of 50,000m2, connected with the New Yuan Ming Yuan. These two are all under the management of New Yuan Ming Yuan Group. Fantasy Water City, opened on July 3, 1999, takes the civilized ancient nation as the background theme. With water as the core and themed with "human beings return to nature", Fantasy Water City makes people enjoy the entertainment and sightseeing. It has ten large areas, including waterfall area, artificial wave pool, riptide river, rafting river and children's anti-fighting zone, providing up to 20 kinds of recreational facilities. Of which, the rafting river is China's longest water park (with full length of 800m). Wave-generating pools can create eight different shapes of waves, the highest wave is up to one meter. In addition, there is hula-hula show with exotic style.



The buses in Zhuhai city implement self-service ticketing in most of bus routines, no change is available, the passengers prepare their own small change, and put coins into the boxes when getting on buses. In this city, the fare is generally 1.5 yuan (ordinary buses), 2 yuan (air-conditioning buses), and the interval-based fare charging system is implemented for the bus routes. The vehicle audio system reports stations in both Mandarin and Cantonese, and some vehicles report stations also in English.


Taxies in Zhuhai downtown are in mostly green and light blue (formerly red), taxies in Western District (Doumen District, Jinwan District) is in dark blue, and the airport transportation vehicles (including Jinwan District) is in yellow. The taxies in Zhuhai downtown charges ten yuan as start fee for 3km, and charges 2.4 yuan per additional kilometer. The taxies at the airport in Western District charges ten yuan as start fee for 3km, and charges 2.2 yuan per additional kilometer.


Zhuhai Airport is located in southwest of Sanzao Island in Western District of Zhuhai City, surrounded by the sea in three directions. The airport's clearance is good, and it is about 35 km away from the downtown. The master planning, design and construction of this airport is made in strict accordance with international first-grade civilian airport standards, and its runways, terminals, communication navigation system, oil supply and security all reach the international advanced level.