Haikou is the capital of Hainan Province, China. It is in the Northeast Hainan Province and estuary of Nandu River, the entrance of railway and ferry, and separated with Guangdong Leizhou Peninsula by the Qiongzhou Strait in the north.


Haikou is in the north of Hainan Island with a tropical maritime climate. The summer is hot and rainy, and the autumn has frequent tropical storms. The annual average temperature is 23.3 ° C. The annual average rainfall is 1,686.4 mm, and the rainy season is generally concentrated from August to October.


1. Tomb of Hairui

Tomb of Hairui is located in Binya Village 5 km west to Haikou City and was built in the seventeenth year of Ming Dynasty (1589). The town is 115 meters north to south and 41 meters east to west. The front of the tomb is three stone arches and stone carvings. The tomb is hexagon-shaped and the peak is conical. In front of the tomb, there is a 4-meter-high monument reading "presented by Nanjing Censorate Right Censor to Tai Fu and Zhong Jie Hai Gong", written by Xu Ziwei. There is an exhibition hall around.

2. Five Officials Temple

The Five Officials Temple is located in Guoxing Street, Qiongshan, Hainan, China. It covers approximately 66,000 square meters and is a scenic spot integrating ancient architecture, ancient relics and gardens. The first floor accommodates the first building of Hainan (Five Officials Temple), Guajia Tong, Xuepu Tong, Sugong Temple, Liangfubo Temple, Tongzhuo Pavilion, Xixin Pavilion, Fuli Spring, Suquan Pavilion and Qiong Park, Five Officials Temple Museum, and other buildings and relics. Since the literary giant Su Dongpo pointed "double springs" here, it has become a place for warship of sages and education of future generations, known as "scenery of Qiongtai".



There are currently more than 40 bus lines, and the fare is usually 1-2 Yuan, most buses have no ticket sellers. The" public bus with air-conditioning" charges 1 Yuan and mostly in service from 6 am to 11 pm.

Tourist buses

There are special sightseeing buses between scenic spots in Haikou. In addition, Tourist No.1 and No.2 also connect some scenic spots. (The full fare from Five Officials Temple to Tropical Ocean World Park is 4 Yuan).

Tourist bus line "Xin Mei Lan"

There are two lines of A and B, which can reach six major scenic spots including Qiongtai Academy of Classical Learning, Five Officials Temple, the former residence of Hai Rui, Xiuying Ancient Fort, Hairui Park for a fare of 5 Yuan.


Meilan International Airport in Haikou City, Hainan Province was opened to the traffic on May 25, 1999. It has inaugurated a total of 220 routes, including 211 china routes, 2 regional routes, and 7 international routes with flights to 65 cities, including 56 china cities, 2 regional cities and 7 international cities. The passenger throughput in 2004 reached 7.48 million. To improve the hardware facilities, meet the surging throughput of passengers after the opening of aviation right, Meilan International Airport started to construct terminal building and apron expansion project, which was put into use at 24:00pm on December 31, 2005. After completion of the project, the airport has a terminal building covering 99,300 square meters, can accommodate 9.3 million passenger throughput annually, and the annual cargo throughput of 135,000 tons.