Chongqing is China’s fourth municipality after Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. It is a cultural and historical city of many unique traits. Apart from being blessed with water on three sides, its buildings have also been constructed against the mountains on the last side. This is generating different layers to the city appearance that has become hallmark of Chongqing, giving it the nickname “Mountain city”.

Chongqing is situated in the upper reaches of China´s longest river, the Yangtze, at its confluence with the Jialing River. Most of its roads meander around water or against mountains and old houses intersperse among the skyscraper jungle. The major tourist attractions gather in Yuzhong, Shapinba and Nan´an Districts. At night the skyline is absolutely stunning with the sparking lights from tens of thousands of households mingled with the reflections from the water. The climate is mild with warm winter, hot summer days and rainy nights.


Population 30.9 million
Electricity 220 Volt
Emergency numbers Ambulance: 120 Fire: 119 Police: 110
Telephone Area code: 023


1. Mountain City by night

The nocturnal views of this mountain city is its greatest draw, extraordinary and unique, due to its special geographic features. When night descends, the lights from tens of thousands of households sparkle and twitter like the stars falling to ordinary lives, above the glowing neon lights of boats on the Yangtze and Jialin Rivers. There are three prime spots to be immersed in the night of Chongqing. They are the One-tree Outlook Platform, Huge Golden Eagle spot on the south mountain of Nanan District and the Kanshan Tower in Erling Park. A boat tour on the rivers can be arranged at Chaotian Gate.

Address: Jialing River

2. The Three Gorges

Three Gorges start from the Baidi City, to the Nanjin Guan of Yichang, in Hubei Province, incorporating the Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge. The incredible landscape here has been depicted by many poems which evoke just a fraction of its beauty. The two most famous scenic spots are the Fengdu Ghost City and Sibao Zhai which should not be missed.

Address: Baidi City, Chongqing

3. Jiefangbei

As the People’s Liberation Memorial Stele, this city landmark is called Jiefangbei. It is the one and only memorial in China for the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan. Located at the intersection of Minquan Road, Minzu Road and Zourong Road, it is also called ‘the first street’ of East China.

Address: Jiaochang Kou, Yuzhong

4. Chaotian Gate Plaza

Chaotian Gate is situated at the intersection of the Yangtze River and Jialing River. The gate is to the east of Yangtze River towards the ancient capital that held the imperial heavenly throne in Nanjing. This is how it got the name - Chaotian meaning turning to the skies in Chinese. Today´s Chaotian Gate is a great place to get a panorama view of the intersection of the two rivers. In early summer or mid-autumn, the collision of the currents of the two rivers is breathtaking and magnificent, making this part the golden section of Yangtze River.

Address: Yuzhong

5. Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum

The museum is the centre for collecting, researching and exhibiting the history and culture of Chongqing city and the Three Gorges area. All the cultural relics excavated from the Three Gorges area and other historical collections of the original city museum is housed here. Using high-tech facilities, the museum directly and vividly displays the geologic features, species, changes in local culture and customs and the models of the massive Three Gorges Dam Project. Next to the museum are the Chongqing People Plaza and Great Hall of the People.

Address: 236 Renmin Rd, Yuzhong


Pepper and bean paste are two of the key ingredients in Chongqing cuisine. There are different levels of spiciness, but the one that the locals go for is mind-blowingly hot and very appetizing. The concept of a hotpot is such that each dinner group sits together at a table, cooking vegetables and meat in the spicy hot pot of soup that is kept simmering. This communal dining experience has caught on at many places outside Chongqing as well, but it is best sampled in its hometown. Restaurants are usually open until 22:00.

1. Cygnet Restaurant

Created in the Diaojiao Lou architectural style. The comfortable atmosphere, attentive service, hot pots and nice dishes make this restaurant a place where diners like to linger even long for a meal.

Address: 88 Jiabin Rd, Yuzhong

2. Grandma Bridge

Its interior is inspired by the old street view of Chongqing. The buffet hot pot here has a less spicy taste, with all kinds of vegetables and meat available.

Address: Metropolitan Plaza, 68 Zourong Rd, Yuzhong

3. Ken Mei Spicy And Tasty Shrimp

The shrimps here are wrapped with smashed potatoes then deep fried, a truly authentic flavour of Chongqing. If you like shrimp you should definitely come to this place.

Address: 264 Wuyi Rd, Yuzhong


Hot pot flavors, beef jerky, peach slices, Ciqikou Mahua sweets and Baishi Yi Salted Duck are all special local products. Food stuff tend to be the preferred souvenirs for visitors to this city and they are easily available at most supermarkets. But for those who are looking for something that is less perishable, there are also plenty of malls.

1. Chongbai Tower

It is both stylish and modern. The glass wall built by china high-tech companies is a great touch but locals will remember the predecessor of the Chongbai Tower as an old institution of the city called Sanba Department.

Address: Yuzhong

2. Metropolitan Plaza

Pacific Department Store, exclusive international shops and trendy clothes boutiques meet here. There are many restaurants and theatres. A skating rink, bowling alley, video game centers and banks are also housed in the plaza, offering something for almost everyone. Children especially enjoy the musical fountain.

Address: 68 Zourong Rd, Yuzhong

3. Guanyin Bridge Sleepless City

This is the biggest shopping mall in West China. It houses the high-tech Fangte Sci-fi Theme Park and the highest music theme fountain in Western China. The underground shopping mall of Jinyuan Hotel is like a Chinese Las Vegas. All kinds of recreation facilities are also housed here, including swimming centers, supermarkets and cinemas.

Address: Guanyin Bridge Business Street, Jiangbei

4. Guzhen Chens Mahua

The Mahua is in fact fried dough twists and the delicacy here is so famous that customers stand in long lines to buy it every day. This is the best place to sample the sesame candy.

Address: 58-1 Ciqikou, Shapin Ba


As one of the top destinations in China, Chongqing offers wide selections of accommodation options. You will find many top hotel brands, hostels and luxury hotels that will provide the comfort one can wish for. You will certainly find a place to stay that will suit your budget and request.

1. Sofitel Forebase Chongqing

Adjacent to Chongqing Olympic Centre, Chongqing Technology Exhibiting Centre and the entry of Chengyu Highway. Latin band performances add a slightly exotic dimension to this hotel.

Address: 137 Ke Yuan 2 Road Jiulongpo District, 400039 Chongqing

2. Harbour Plaza Chongqing

Adjacent to the People’s Liberation Memorial, the hotel is connected to the Metropolitan Shopping Plaza and office tower. It is also close to Red Rock Cultural and Custom Plaza, well-placed for business, entertainment, recreation and transportation purposes.

Address: Wu-Yi Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing 400010

3. Chongqing International Youth Hostel

Located on the bank of Yangtze River, close to Chaotian Gate and only a ten minute walk to Jiefang Bei. Around it are Huguang Assembly Hall, Three Gorges Museum, Hongya Cave, Luohan Temple and many other tourist attractions.

Address: 80 Changbin Rd, Yuzhong

4. Chongqing Perfect Time Hostel International

Close to the Ciqikou Harbor and Jialing River. This hostel is original with ancient decor, spacious rooms and river-view balconies. There is also a great collection of books and cd’s.

Address: 2 Ciqikou Zheng Street, Shapin Ba

5. Jinjiang Inn

A budget pick in a pleasant location, adjacent to the beautiful Erling Park and Fuotu Guan Park. You will also find a restaurant inside the hotel if you are feeling hungry.

Address: 78 Dongsi Jiutiao, Dongcheng, Beijing


1. Airport

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport is located in Yubei district in the northeast corner of the city and 23 km from Chongqing city, connected by a subway. The Airport Express leaves every 30 minutes between 6:00 and 20:00 from the Chongqing Airline Ticket Agency at Shangqing Temple. The ride takes 40 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a taxi into town.

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2. Public Transport

The two main railway stations are Caiyuan Dam Railway Station and North Station, which is in the area of Longtou temple, north bank of the Yangtze River’s .

The main public transport systems of urban Chongqing are the bus and light rail transit networks. Most buses run between 06:30-22:00 (some run until 01:00). Light rail transit: Line two is available, running between 6:30-22:00.

3. Taxis

It is convenient and simple to travel by taxi in Chongqing. The taxis are all painted in yellow as the conspicuous symbol. There are an additional charge (15% of the original total fee) between 22:00 and 07:00.

Taxis may be flagged down by the road or reserved by telephone. It is advised to have a piece of paper with the destination written in Chinese characters as not all taxi drivers speak English.