Notice on Special Guidelines for China Southern Airlines Tickets

Due to the epidemic of the 2019 Novel coronavirus pneumonia, some countries and regions have new travel restriction policies. To protect the passengers' interests and facilitate travel agents to process tickets, China Southern Airlines would like to provide following special procedure for handling applicable tickets:

1.Itineraries from/to/via Wuhan

Applicable flights & tickets All itineraries includes Wuhan ( including transit flight ) operated by CZ
Date of ticket purchase Purchased before 31st Jan. 2020
Travel date Between 1st Jan. 2020 until 29th Mar. 2020
Date change Change fee/penalty will be waived for the first time
Refund Free of Charge for un-refunded tickets

2.International or regional flight has been cancelled, or passengers are restricted to travel to destination countries, CZ operated only.

Travel date Between 2nd Feb 2020 until 10th Jun 2020
Change Allowed to change your travel date once free of charge to flight(s) traveling before June10,2020.
Allowed to date change/reroute once for free to other CZ operate flights between destinations within the same country or region.
The change date should be 14 days before or after the original flight, and before 10th June 2020.
Refund Free refund is allowed within the validity period of un-refunded tickets, only if the reservation seats are cancelled before the departure.

In principle, the same country is conceded as in the same zone. Other than that, the national or regional areas are within one zone are shown in the table below.

Region Routes
US & Canada Guangzhou - Los Angles/New York/San Francisco/Vancouver/Toronto
Shenyang - Los Angles
Australia & New Zealand Shenzhen – Sydney/Melbourne
Guangzhou – Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Adelaide/Perth/Auckland/Christchurch
Middle East, Southern Europe, Africa Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Urumqi – Dubai
Guangzhou/Urumqi/Beijing – Istanbul
Guangzhou/Changsha – Nairobi
Singapore,Malaysia Guangzhou – Singapore/Kuala Lumpur/Penang/Sabah/Langkawi
Shenzhen-Singapore/Kuala Lumpur
Hong Kong, Macao Changsha – Macao
Beijing/Meixian/Shenyang – Hong Kong

3. All other tickets

Date of ticket Purchase Purchased before 28th Jan. 2020 00:00
Travel date Between 24th Jan. 2020 until 29th Mar. 2020
Refund Tickets can apply for refund within the validation period free of charge if the reservation seat is canceled before departure.

4. Other special arrangements

For all medical personnel, or passengers with fever, suspected and diagnosed with Novel coronavirus pneumonia, and passenger who has close contact with these patients, their tickets can apply for free refund.

Date of ticket purchase Purchased before 28th Jan. 2020 00:00
Travel date Between 1st Jan. 2020 until 29th Mar. 2020
Refund A work certification or a diagnosis proof of the medical institution is required.

For above mentioned tickets:

I.Tickets were purchased from the travel agent. Please refer to the original purchase channel/ travel agents.

II.Tickets were purchased from China Southern Airlines’ Website/Call center/Ticket Counter, please contact CZ by contacting our Consumer Service Hotline(+86-4008695539)or submitting application on our official website ( Or use CZ’s mobile APP for further arrangement

The time mentioned above is subject to Beijing time.

Regarding the above ticket arrangement, China Southern Airlines reserve the rights to interpret, explain and clarify further.

We will continue to pay attention to the development of the epidemic, national policies and passenger needs, and adjust relevant policies according to actual conditions in order to provide passengers with safe and reliable services.

Thank you for your understanding and support.