China Southern Launches First International Call Language Service Center in Europe;

China’s Largest Airline to Offer French, German, Spanish and Italian Services

PRAGUE, Czech Republic,26,Nov. - China Southern Airlines, the largest airline in the People’s Republic of China is pleased to announce that it has opened its first International Call Language Service Center located here.

The Service Center offers passengers language services in French, German, Spanish and Italian languages services in addition to Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, and Russian already available.

The international language service center is located in the heart of Europe where China Southern flight destinations include London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Rome and Moscow.

Four of the languages provided by the Prague-based service center in addition to the existing English service spans all major languages spoken in Europe.

The language service center current operates 20 hotlines, all served by local European agents. The service time is 9:00-17:00, Monday through Friday and services range from ticket sales, website support, membership services and social media assistance.