Lost and Found

How do I find and reclaim items that I lost on a China Southern Airlines flight?

China Southern Airlines started to provide a lost items inquiry service in July 2009. If any items go missing during a flight operated by China Southern Airlines, passengers can call the China Southern Airlines customer service center or baggage inquiry department to check information on lost items and the specific address for collecting them.

This service is currently only available in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

(I) Contact information


Phone No.

Working Time

Service hotline of China Southern Airlines Call Center 


24 hours

Domestic luggage inquiries at China Southern Airlines (Guangzhou)



International luggage inquiries at China Southern Airlines (Guangzhou)



(II) Collection of lost items

The owner should take his/her ID card or other valid identification to collect their lost items. If another person is entrusted to collect the items on the owner’s behalf, the person should provide a letter of authorization from the owner along with his/her and the owner’s ID cards or other valid identification.

(III) Notice

1. Lost items will only be stored by the baggage inquiry department for 30 days.

2. In accordance with the relevant regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority, clothes will be destroyed after 30 days, weapons will be handed to the public security bureau, and cultural objects will be donated to the country. Valuables can be auctioned off after 90 days; fresh and perishable items can be disposed of after 24 hours (food will be disposed of immediately if it is rotten); everyday items such as wet towels, tooth brushes, drinking water, and open food can be disposed of after 48 hours; and flammable and odorous articles such as lighters, gas, and durians will not be stored due to the limited storage capacity at China Southern Airlines.

3. As factors such as Customs clearance are involved, the baggage inquiry department cannot deal with items lost on international departures.