Responsibilities and Insurance

What is the liability for compensation of checked baggage?

The registered baggage delayed, damaged and lost due to the fault of the passenger will not be compensated by CSN. CSN is only liable for the delay, damage and loss due to the fault of its carrier.

What items will not be compensated?

Scope of compensation The loss, damage, pollution, shortage and delay of registered baggage will be compensated by CSN. The loss of unchecked baggage or carry-on baggage will not be compensated, unless otherwise it is proved caused by CSN.

 As the agent of other carriers, CSN will not compensate the loss of baggage transported by other carriers’ flights. However, CSN may accept the request for compensation and convey the request to the representative of the carrier. Moreover, CSN may assist the passenger in handling with the compensation and appoint the person in charge of transfer according to IATA.

CSN will not be liable for compensation for the loss incurred in following conditions:

Natural disasters or other reasons beyond the control;

Because of the compliance with the laws, provisions, orders of the People’s Republic of China and regulations on travel conditions, or because the passenger does not comply with these regulations;

The loss is caused by the defects or internal items of baggage.

The loss of baggage loaded with frangible, perishable items, precious metal, jewelry, gold and silver products, bills, securities, important documents, valuables and other prohibited goods will not be compensated under any condition. 

 The limit of compensation for the damage, loss or delay of baggage covered by preferential baggage allowance policy will be compensated based on the original baggage allowance (40 KG for first class, 30 KG for business class and 20 KG for economy class).

How to make a claim?

The claim shall be made in written form starting from 21 days after the date when the baggage should be handed over to the receiver to 180 days.

The compensation request shall be handled by the destination airport terminal or terminal where the accident happened.

Will the overweight baggage charge be refunded if the flight is changed or cancelled?

Yes. If the flight is changed or cancelled because of CSN and the passenger is arranged to take another flight with corresponding changes to the luggage. The overweight charge of baggage will be refunded for any overpayment but not be supplemented for any deficiency.

What should I do if the baggage is important but not so valuable?

The registered baggage with the value over RMB 50 Yuan per KG may be declared. The declared value of registered baggage can not surpass the actual value of baggage. The maximum value declared by each passenger is RMB 8,000 Yuan.