Free Accommodations

Free Accommodations for Transfer Passengers

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    Requirements and Standards


    1.Passengers flying with:

    China Southern Airlines flights,

    China Southern Airlines international code-sharing flights,

    Domestic code-sharing flights operated by Chongqing Airlines or Xiamen Airlines that connect with China Southern Airlines international flights or China Southern Airlines international code-sharing flights.

    international code-sharing flights.

    2.Passengers with Connecting time:

    8-48hours(included) for international-to-international, international-to-domestic ,domestic-to-international

    domestic-to-domestic:Overnight Transit,no onward flight on the same day,less than or equal to 24 hours with an overnight stopover

    (Please contact our staff to book a hotel at the counter of 20th gate in departure hall of Bai Yun airport if you have this kind of ticket)

    3.Transit in Guangzhou


    Contract hotels of grade A

    1.Transfer between international and domestic flights or between international flights and the class of the international flight is First or Business

    2.Sky Pearl Gold members or Skyteam elite plus

    3.Transfer between domestic flights and both classes of the two flights are First or Business

    Contract hotels of grade B

    1.Transfer between international flights on Economy class

    2.Transfer between international and domestic flights or between domestic flights and only the domestic class is First class or Business class

    3.Sky Pearl Club Silver or Skyteam elite transfers between international and domestic flights

    Contract hotels of grade C or D

    Other transfer passengers eligible for free accommodation

    Mileage redemption tickets are not eligible for complimentary domestic to domestic transfer accommodation. Pay-to-be-upgraded-and-reserved staff tickets are not eligible for transfer accommodation.

    Transit Free Hotel At Guangzhou
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    1.Please visit China Southern Airlines website (Home>Online Service>Transit Accommodation), and book transfer hotel by yourself. Availability will be reserved for 3 hours at the latest after the flight arrives.

    2.Please ask sales staff when purchasing the ticket to help you book transfer hotel.

    3.If you can not book transfer hotel successfully,please go to CZ transit accommodation service counter to book hotel after you have arrived Guangzhou international airport.

    4.Passengers who have booked transfer hotel please go to CZ transit accommodation service counter located at No.20 gate on the first floor of the Terminal,we will confirm the hotel accommodation information and arrange free shuttle bus for you.

    5.International transfer passengers should obtain an entry permit from Chinese immigration for their transfer stay.

    Useful tips

    1.Services provided by China Southern Airlines include free accommodation for one night, free breakfast for the passenger, and free shuttle bus between airport and the hotel. Any costs incurred for additional services must be paid by the passenger.

    2.For any further inquiries regarding transfer services or seeking help, please contact 24-hour hotline 0086-20-8612 4008 or send email to