General Rules

1 General Provisions

Checked baggage must be well packed, locked and bound, and must be able endure a certain amount of pressure, and can be safely loaded, unloaded and carried under normal operation conditions, and should meet the following requirements:

  • (1) Suitcase, handbags and such kind of items must be locked;
  • (2) It is not allowed to bundled more than two pieces of baggage into one piece;
  • (3) It is not allowed to attach other items to baggage;
  • (4) Bamboo baskets, net bags, grass strings and grass bags are not permitted to be used as packing materials;
  • (5) Passenger(s) name, detailed address and telephone number should be written on the baggage.

Checked baggage will be transported on the same plane as passengers whenever possible and may be transported on another flight for safety, security or operational reasons. If the passenger's checked baggage is transported on a subsequent flight, it will be delivered to the passenger by the carrier unless the passenger is required by law to be present for customs clearance. If the local entry and exit authorities have its own requirements for the baggage packaging, please follow the local requirements.

2 Limitations to Baggage Weight and Size

Flight Type Route Maximum Weight per Piece Maximum Dimensions per Piece
Domestic Flight
50kg/pc The length, width and height shall not exceed 20*40*55 cm
International/Regional Flight United States destinations involved 45kg/pc the sum of L+W+H per piece≤203 cm
no United States destinations involved 32kg/pc
1. The maximum weight of each piece of baggage in the domestic segment of international transport shall not exceed the weight specified by the international segment;
2. The specifications (including size and weight) of the above baggage are the maximum of the ordinary checked baggage that the airline can accept and are not free baggage allowance. Passengers need to pay for the excess baggage allowance. For the maximum acceptable size of special baggage such as sports equipment, please refer to Section 4 Special Baggage of the China Southern Airlines Baggage Rules.
3. If any baggage exceeds the above limitation can be taken apart and the sub package meets thelimitation, this baggage can be checked as normal baggage. If any baggage cannot be separated, it shall be transported as special baggage or cargo.

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