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Mobility Aids & Assistive Devices

Power wheelchair and mobility aids equipped with non-leak-proof batteries
Passengers shall make advance agreement with China Southern Airlines for the carriage of such devices ;
Notification to Captain (NOTOC) must be filled to inform the aircraft commander of the location of a wheelchair with a built-in battery or of the location of a packed battery, and handover with the aircraft commander.
The power wheelchair (mobility aid) equipped with non-leak-proof batteries should always be loaded, placed, fixed and unloaded uprightly. Batteries must be in open circuits with the electrode insulated to prevent accidental short circuit, and it should be firmly attached to the wheelchair (mobility aid);
If such wheelchair or mobility aid may not be loaded, placed, fixed or unloaded in an upright manner, the battery shall be removed; in this case, the wheelchair or mobility aid can be transported as checked baggage, and the removed battery shall be transported in a solid rigid packing for transportation as follows:

1. Packages must be tightly sealed, which can protect the battery fluid from leaking, and they must be secured in appropriate ways, such as by use of restraining straps, attaching clamps or supports. Secure the packages on pallets or in cargo compartments (other than by bracing with freight or baggage) to prevent them from tumbling ;

2. Batteries must be protected against short circuits, and secured upright in these packages. Appropriate and sufficient absorbent material should be filled around ;

3. Such packages shall be marked with "BATTERY, WET, WITH WHEELCHAIR" or "BATTERY, WET, WITH MOBILITY AID", and be labeled with "CORROSIVE" or "PACKAGE ORIENTATION" labels.


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